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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 9

Me: first you are wearing dreadlock. Then you have three piercing on your ears. You have a tattoo on your body and you wear trousers
Her: ewo!! How did you know about the piercings and tattoo? The dreadlock s obvious and in my profile picture I am wearing a trouser.
Me: let’s just say I take note of people I like
Her: like ke? When you don’t even talk to me in church
Me: because you act like I don’t exist
Her: lol. Oya please tell me how you know about the tattoo and piercings because i try hard to hide them
Me: I saw the piercings on our way from the vigil last night and for he tattoo i just have a feeling you will have one
Her: lol. You caught me then.
Me: why are you hiding them?
Her: you talk as if you don’t know church folds. They will label me a sinner once they see them. I know what I am facing with the dreadlock and trouser I put on
Me: I can imagine. Can you send me a picture of them
Her: u have already seen all apart from the tattoo which is in a place i cannot show u
Me: lol. Lemme guess …ur boobs, waist or close to ur pussy
Her: Jesus Christ!! Look at what is coming from your mouth
Me: I don’t like pretence oh. So did I guess right?
Her: I can’t believe we are saying these. You got two right and one wrong

Me: so you have more than one. Nice. Oya tell me which one i got right and wrong
Her: bad boy. I have one on my boobs, one on my waist and the last one on my arse. Jeez look at what we are saying
M: damn!! Can I say something and please don’t be offended
Her: shoot
Me: you must me a fucking bitch
Her: lol because you have a tattoo on my body?
Me: nope. Because I have a feeling you are a bitch just as I had a feeling u have tattoo
Her: hmm. I gat to go. I’m running late for rehearsals. Talk to you later
Me: I want a picture of all the tattoos on your body before you go. Don’t argue with me. Bye
I dropped my phone and headed for the shower. I can’t believe Rita is this wild or was this wild. My instincts have never failed me. The very first day I saw her on dreadlock I knew she has more to offer than her sweet voice.
By the time I got back from the shower, i saw five messages from Rita. A part of me tells me she has sent what i asked. Another tells me has sent messages of why she cannot do that
Thankfully they are images
The first was a rose on her boobs. She tried to conceal other parts of the boob but what is showing is appealing enough to make my dick throb
The second was a bird on her beaded waist. She has about 6 beads of different colours on her waist. The sight of the tattoo and bead sent jolts of signals all through me
The third picture was the picture of a lip on her arse cheek, her fine stretch mark visible. Its as if she have these pictures on her gallery
The fourth was her ears showing a total of five piercings
This babe is damn wild.
“For your eyes only. View and delete “was the last message
“Fuck you bitch. You’re fucking hot” I replied after viewing the pictures all over again
“lol. Later. am in church now” she replied after a moment
I must fuck this babe ASAP

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