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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 8

There is new girl in the choir that has caught my attention lately. I have not been I church for about two months only for me to come one Sunday and behold her taking a choir ministration. It was the first time I have seen her. I bet she was not even a regular member two months ago.
What made notice her was her smile as she single, revealing her gapped teeth in the process. She also has the most melodious voice in the whole of the church. She has this swag and carriage that I have also not seen in any of the choristers. After service I noticed another surprising feature in her. She was wearing a dreadlock which is not common in my church. Who then is this babe?
I later got to know her name is Rita and she is a new member of the church. She apparently joined when I was away. I got to see more of her in youth meeting and for some reasons I decided not to talk to her and she on her part acted like I don’t exist. Our path crossed severally but we don’t even say hello. Not until we met in a special youth meeting
We were having a zonal youth vigil and another branch and were supposed to converge at the church before going. My plan was to carry some people that know the place as I don’t know the place. When I got to the church I discovered that they have all left. I was just one hour late. What happened to African man time?
I was about calling the president when I saw Rita alighting from a bike. She took look stunned to see the church empty. The time is just few minutes past 8 and the vigil starts by 9pm.although the president has announced repeatedly that the bus will leave by7:30 on the dot
With no one else to ask, she walk up to me and ask if the bus has left. I said that is what the security man told me. She asked if I know the venue and I told her I have an idea of the area but I don’t know the exact place. She made a call which and then told me someone has described the place for her. She said we should go together and I showed her my car and told her to hop in. She thanked me and entered. That was how we got talking. I drove her back too and we exchanged number when I dropped her close to her house
Later that day I got a whatsapp message from an unknown number. I checked the picture and it was her. Apparently I forgot to save her number when she gave t to me. I only “flashed” so she can have mine.
“Thank you very much for last night and dropping me this morning” her message read
“You are welcome. Thank you too for giving me direction and also keeping me company” i replied
“Lol u are welcome too”
Me: so how is your day going?
Her: fine. Preparing to go for choir rehearsals. What about urs
Me: mine is fine. I have a match i wanna watch by 6pm
Her: men ad foodball
Me: women and zeeworld
Her: lol you are really funny. One will see you in church and think you don’t even talk. All through the drive to the vigil you barely said anything
Me: so you have been observing me in church abi
Her: let’s just say I take not of my environment
Me: ok oh Madam Observer. Me self have observed that you don’t look like other church girls
Her: how do you mean

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