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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 7

After a while I turned her on a doggy and resumed fucking her arse. My both palms are on her arse cheeks, spreading them further apart. By now she has gone into loud ohh and ahhh
Instinctively I removed my dick from her arse and returned it to her waiting cunt. It was a pleasure to see her gaped arse hole. I poked two fingers deep into the arse; fingering her arse while fucking her cunt. I can feel my fingers touching my dick. I pray I don’t rupture the tiny membrane separating the arsehole from the cunt hole.
Before me are two sweet holes that give full pleasures. I will remove from dick from cunt and put it in arse hole and the remove it from arse hole to cunt again. It was pleasure at its peak and I’m savouring it to the last bit. Each hole has its own unique flavour.
After an intense anal-pussy rotation and multiple jerking and orgasms from her, I went into my own spasm but quickly removed the condom before shooting my cum into her arse, perfectly timing the gaped hole. I washed as the cum strolled down her red hot anal hole while some found their way to her pussy and others dripped on the floor.
She remained still in that position, still catching, her breathe until while I fetch some tissue to wipe her arse. Without a word, she dashed to the bathroom to clean up.
“You don tear my yansh oh. Shey I resemble porn start for your eye” she said, lighting another stick of cigarette
“No vex babe. I was carried away with the pleasure. Hope I no injure you? “ I said apologetically
“For your small prick?”
“What do you mean? How can you say my dick is small?”
“Oga relax. I just dey whine you but am fine. I really enjoyed it”
“Me too babe. Been a while and I really missed you”
“Miss me or my punany? Beside are you tired of those small and immature girls you are fucking?”
“ haba why will you say that na”
“Then why have you not been keeping in touch as you use to?”
“Let’s say I was very busy lately”
“Busy with new babes abi? Fine boy. Na the dey rush you”
“Not like that. Anyways, am sorry for not keeping touch”
“Mmmm come to mama boy” she said, gesturing with her finger
Mama kee you their
“Why not u bring your fat arse to papa?”
“Are you sure you can handle more of this fat arse?” she said, rising up with a lit stick in one hand and a glass of brandy in another.
“Bring it on mama. Can’t you see my sleeping giant is already awake?”
“mmm am coning for you boy”
She walked toward me and blew some hot smoke on my now throbbing dick before taking it in her mouth, gently swallowing it and bringing it out again. She did it about four times before sitting on it while I leaned back on the couch. From the warmness of the hole, I definitely knew my dick is buried in her arse hole. Sitting comfortably, she took a last drag of her cigarette before dropping the stub on the small side stool nearby. Make this babe no burn my furniture oh.
She placed her arms on my shoulders and start grinding me slowing but firmly, her boobs occasionally slapping my face as they bounce to and fro.
We took different position in another mind blowing fuck session and I eventually splash me cum n her face. That is for calling me boy earlier

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