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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 6

Bridget and I continue to see afterward. Unlike Debby and Amaka, she wants nothing from me apart from sex. Any weekend she won’t be coming home I will visit her and we will fuck our brains out. Sometime she deliberately decide to stay back so I can come over
As time progresses we somehow got tired of each other and even barely say hello except we meet in church. Month role into years. But we still chat well when we see. I have moved on to another chick which I will tell you later
One saturday I saw a post on Bridget’s Watsapp status about today being a boring Saturday . She has long left her job in Bori and now working in Port Harcourt
“Let me come and keep you company na” I replied
“One barbecue fish with a bottle of brandy and I’m all yours
“That’s not a problem. I have a nice spot I will take you to. Just tell me when and where to come and pick you”
“I don’t feel like going out so I will like us to stay in your place. If it’s ok by you the come and pick me by 7pm”
“No problem then. See you by7”
Few minutes before 7pm I am parked somewhere close to her house. I called her and she came out looking sexy and hot. She was putting on a short gown that is a little above her knee. The gown hugged her tightly that all her curves were accentuated
We drove to where they sell barbecue fish and ordered a very big one. We have to wait for the fish to be well roasted so we went back to the car to sit. She brought out her pack of cigarette and asked me to wind up. I put on the AC and wind up. This babe almost chocked me to death. My eyes are red and watery which made to laugh continuously. we collected our fish but not without her making me to buy another pack of oris and some tom tom from the nearby Aboki
When we got home I brought out the brandy from the fridge and prepared the fish we ate and drank then we went to the bathroom one after the other to rinse our mouth. I went in first. By the time she is coming out she is completely naked. She sat on the couch and spread her legs wide and motioned me to eat her pussy. I bent down and sniff the pussy a little before parting the lips to reveal the pink interior. I brought out my tongue like a cobra and start lapping on her pink pussy flesh.
With one hand holding a lit cigarette, she used the other hand to rub my head and push it further. Make this babe n burn me with cigar oh. I sucked her while continued smoking and puffing the smoke on my face. She’s the boss and I’m her lapdog. No problem sha. It’s all for the pussy.
After sucking her for a couple of minutes I knelt and eased my erect and sheathed dick into her spread cunt and start ramming in and out of her with reckless abandon. The harder I fuck her, the more she urges me to fuck her harder. Seems she came to prove a point which is to show me what I have been missing. If that is her plan then she is winning because I have started realizing how much I miss this cunt.
“Stick that dick into my arse”
I can’t believe what I just heard so I gave her the “what!!” sign
“I want you to fuck my arse” she said, more audible this time
This girl is a bitch but who am I to act holy
“Ok lemme go and get a lube” i said, trying to withdraw my dick
“No need, just use a little spit”
Your are kidding me right?
She readjusted herself and raised her arse further up and spread her legs further apart. i helped her propped it with three small pillow nearby. Now the pink arse hole is visible. I smeared my dick with saliva and added a little on the surface of her arse hole but not without poking a finger in which, to my surprise, went in freely
I gently eased my dick into her arse hole and surprisingly again it went in as if it’s her pussy.
Chai Bridget!!!
Fully convinced she has been doing anal for so long, I discarded my gently approach and got rough with the arse. If she wants me slow she will tell me but she did not so I banged her mercilessly as if she owes me

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