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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 5

I pushed her over and tore off her trouser alongside the matching G string pant she is wearing. Spread her o the bed like am spreading butter on bread. Parted her legs like Moses parted the red sea and then went down to eat her thick pussy meat. Expectedly is damn wet under. I flicked my tongue on her swollen clit which made her to give a loud ouch! I continued licking her clit and fingering her pussy at the same time. This double action sent triple sensation round her body and she begins to twist her waist and pressing my head at the same time
I got up, wore a condom and used a pillow to elevate her waist to match my waist. I stood between her well parted legs, spent a moment to examine the mighty fish am about to eat. Her vulva is thick and her pussy lips meaty. She held both boob and start nibbling the chestnut sized nipples while she waits for my dick to penetrate her. Gently I eased my dick into her dripping pink cunt. She let out a gasp as my dick strolled slowly through her pussy wall until it hits the hilt of her cunt. So warm and so moist. Her pussy wall cling my dick tightly sending sweet sensation to my brain
With a slow but steady rhythm, I start moving my shaft in and out of her well lubricated hole; giving out a plup plup sound as I go deep and hit the based on her cunt with one swift thrust. Gradually I start increasing my tempo and her moan increase correspondingly
Moments later I turned her on a doggy. It was a delight to see her massive boobs hanging down link a chandelier. I rubbed the soft arse a little before giving it a soft spank which made her to cry out in ecstasy. I parted her arse cheeks to pry at her pink gaping hole. Holding her beaded waist firmly, I plunged my dick deep into her, making her pussy to gas out air with another plup sound. With her both hands on the bed, the poor boobs are just swinging like pendulum as I hit her from behind
She continually urged me on as I kept on drilling her hole. Occasionally I will remove my to view the well gaped hole before making it fart again by pushing in my dick. I kept on fucking her and spanking her at the same time while she continually urged me further by talking dirty
“Oh yes! Spank that arse baby”
“fuck me hard”
“Bang that pussy, go deeper baby”
“Fuck me harder…i am.. ab.out”
With the she quacked and went limp for a split moment before regaining her strength and start receiving my stroke as I well up for my own orgasm
“agghhh!!!” I let out a shout as i shot my cum into the sheathe separating my dick from her open hole
We both collapsed on the bed, with my semi turgid dick still buried in her.
After resting for a little while we called for drink and pepper soup. This time she took small stout. After finishing the food, we settled for the drink. She reached out for her bag and to my surprise; she brought out a pack of Oris cigarette and a lighter
“Don’t look at me like that joor. It’s an old habit that am struggling to defeat. That is why am in church but nothing has happened yet” she said as she brought out a stick and lit it
“i was a very bad girl way back but I got tired of my badness and decided to turn a new leaf. That is why I came to church and even became a worker. Although there is a slight improvement, but things have not completely changed” she continued as she took a drag and puff the smoke in the air
Who am I to judge when I myself am not clean
“It’s ok. Everyone has a bad side” I told her
“mmmm. So tell me you bad side” she said blowing some smoke to my direction
“I love pussies”
She burst out into hysteric laughter
“Is there any man that does not love pussies? Don’t beat it guy, it’s just normal
We both left the hotel around 7pm after another bout of hot sex and several bottles of drinks and sticks of cigarette. We headed back to Port Harcourt to prepare for Sunday service.

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