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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 4

I relocated out of my area and moved to a far place; hence I have to look for another branch of my church which I got instantly. I stay in Town area in of Port Harcourt and relocated to Mile 4 area which is quite a distance. I deliberately went far because I want to stay away from these babes. I have also told Amaka that things cannot go beyond how it is for now. She has been fuming about the relationship revolving round sex and nothing else.
“I have practically discarded my moral and religious garb juts to please me yet I have nothing to show for that. I have gradually been reduced to a sex object, which I must confess I don’t mind but you have to show me that I am not doing all these for nothing” she kept on singing to my ears
After trying severally to get my commitment without any success, she begin to withdraw a little which is also fine by me because the last thing I want now is an emotional blackmail.
Although I have officially broken up with both of them, they still come around my new place once in a while to feed my stomach and my dick
I settled into my new church quickly and start attending weekly fellowship but I was always a lone ranger. I don’t want a repeat of what happened in my former church
One day Bori where the polytechnic I attended is located. I went to process my transcript. I was about taking a bike from the park to the school when someone tapped y shoulder. I turned and found out it was a face I vaguely recognized. She introduced herself as Bridget, a member of my check. Then I remembered who she was. She was an usher so it’s easy to be seeing her face always. She said she works in Bori and goes to Port Harcourt only on weekends. I told her I came to do some stuff in my Alma Mata. I told her I will come to see her when am done.
Later I went to see her on my way back. We chatted briefly and exchanged contact. We start chatting from that day and we became friends. One Saturday she invited me to come visits her in Bori that she will not been coming t port Harcourt that weekend. She has some official things to tidy. Instantly I knew something familiar is about to happen
I dressed up and boarded a bus to Bori, my wallet stuffed with a pack of fantasy condom. I can’t afford to take chances. Less than two hours later I was sitting in the bar of one of the finest hotel in Bori. She came straight from work so she is still wearing a short sleeve shirt and a jean trouser. She ordered for a tot of Irish cream while I want for my regular beer. After about one hour and several tots and bottles, we decided to go somewhere private and that is a room in the hotel
Bridget is thick, curvy and well endowed. She has this intimidating look but I refused to be intimidated by her size. She may be taller than me but right now am in charge and I am going to bring her to her knees
Immediately we got inside, I rushed her and she accepted me with so much intense. Soon she was on the bed and I was on top of her, munching her thick lip while I caress every contour of her body. While still kissing her, one of my hands is unbuttoning her top with so much dexterity. Soon her massive boobs enclosed in a red bra are exposed.
I got up and she hot up with me and helped me unbutton my trouser with only boxer on and she only trouser and bra, I dragged her far from the bed and we start kissing while standing . My hands never left her boobs all this while and to help me, she stretch her hands backward and unhook her bra, her massive boobs pressing my hands down as her bra gives way and fell to the floor
My other hands are now on her boobs while her hand has dug into e boxer and caressing my erect dick. After a while i disengaged and asked her to suck me. She knelt down and took my dick into her mouth. I told you earlier that I will bring her down to her knees. She’s down finally. Now it’s time to subdue her. I place my hand on her head while she is sucking me, making my deep into her mouth before regurgitating it out only to lick all the slimy saliva off it. She gagged severally as she deep throated my dick yet she did not relent. This babe bad sha

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