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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 3

I was able to manage Debby and Amaka very well without anyone knowing am dating any one of them. They both suspect am dating the other person too. On several occasion Debby has asked if I am dating Amaka and Amaka has asked if I am dating Debby. I denied and even got angry that if dating them will entails not getting close to other ladies then am not interested. They will end up apologizing and making up with mind blowing fuck
Although I did not bargain for it, I was enjoying myself to the fullest. They unknowingly take turn to come and cook and clean for me. Debby mostly passes the night in my place but Amaka could not. Sometimes one person will come and see the other person’s food in the kitchen. I will tell them my kid sister came and cooked it. To crown it all, none of them is ready to make the relationship public because it’s against the church principles especially as sex has been involved. Once t becomes public, eyes will start monitoring and it will be hard for them to visit and have their hungry cunt well fucked
About one year of playing hide and seek, Debby was bold enough to express her displeasure about the pace of the relationship. She said at her age what she needs now is something that will lead to marriage, not the hide and seek we have been doing. I too was blunt to tell her the last thing on my mind now is marriage so if she feels I am moving too slowly she should forge on and leave me behind. She felt hurt but took it naturedly. We still became friends and still fuck once in a while but she never bug about not being serious
As for Amaka, I wish I could just make up my mind on her. She has fallen head over heel on me. She told me she is ready to do anything to please me if only I will make up her mind settle down with her. I am her dream man. She is ready to change her conservative dressing and dress any how I want her to. She is ready to fuck me anywhere, anytime and anyhow. She just wants me to be hers alone
I normally visit her place of work in the evening. She works in a little insurance firm and mostly stays in the office late all alone. I choose those period to visits has after closing from work. One day I decided to put her to a test to know how willing she is to do as I please. I visited her as usual and when everywhere is empty, I asked her to pull her pant and give to me. She wanted to protest changed her mind. Its either she love the adventure or she is really willing to do my bidding. Hs pulled her pant and threw the light blue stuff to me. I pocketed the pant and asked her to come and sit on my legs. Before she got to where I was sitting, my erect dick has propped up and she instinctively raised hp her skirt and sat on my dick, swallowing it up again. I was surprised that this little play her made her wet. She rode me until I came inside her; right in the office
“I can’t believe she just did this here. What if we got caught?”She said, cleaning herself with tissue from her bag
“Well that is the sweetness of adventure. Beside we were not caught and i know you really enjoyed it and wish to have more” I said
“Noo. Do you want to fall this company. Don’t you know sex inside office brings bad luck?”
“Forget that thing joor. That just mere superstition “
“Whatever, it’s too risky. Anyone may walk in. Please give me my pant let’s start going jare”
“You are going home naked under. And for the remaining days of the week I will be coming daily and would not want to see you with pant under”
“You are high of cheap drugs. How do you expect me to go home without wearing pant and then come to work exposed under?”
“Well, you may choose not to do it but for today, you are going home naked”
After back and forth argument she reluctantly went home without pant. She was so uncomfortable all through
I was surprised that the next evening she was completely naked under. I did not even know until she walked up to me again and sat on my legs. I felt her raw arse on my legs instantly I sensed the soft and tender arse. Good girl turn bad. I quickly grabbed her and within a second she is bent holding the couch while I was ramming my dick in and out of her pussy.
Her office eventually turned to a chalet as we meet and fuck there almost every evening.

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