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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 2

Two months after I started dating Debby, I moved out of my parents’ house and rented my own one room self contain. Florence automatically turned herself into my “fiancée” coming every now and then to cook, clean and fuck me. Women!! Give them a meter and they will take a mile
Meanwhile there is this other babe called Amaka that unknown to me was tripping for me. During one of our youth programmed both of us were paired to anchor an event. That was how we got talking and I find her to be very brilliant and trust me, I have a thing for girls with brain.
Within a week we have exchanged number and started talking outside church activities. I started sending her soft romantic good night and good morning sms. There was no social media then. These text messages got into her and before I knew she has fell flat for me. But I was not to keen on fucking her. It’s bad enough I am fucking a church member with no intention of marrying her. I don’t want to add another girl to it.
Amaka on the other hand is bent on having me to herself. She probably sees a young, handsome and upcoming guy that will be fit for marriage; a husband material, 100 yards. That is one problem with church folks. All relationship must revolve round marriage. As she self no gree see the red light i dey show her, me self kukuma no mind chopping her
Amaka is young and fresh unlike Debby that has passed through school and NYSC. Amaka is done with secondary school but could not go further for financial reasons
The very first day I kissed her, I unleashed the burning passion that has been embedded in her. She wanted to tear off my lips. Every move make sends wave upon wave of pure bliss through her body and makes her crave for more. By the time i got to her pussy, she is already dripping. When i poked my finger into her, she held my hand and thrust it deeper while she sucks hungrily on my lips with her eyes tightly shut. I no go lie , this babe peeled my lips with her ferocious kiss. The sweetness of her body did not let me feel the burning sensation on my lips until we are done
I lifted her skirt up and pulled down her soaked pant. Spread her legs wide and she gasp for air as I placed my tongue on her clit. I licked her clit down to her cunt lips and then poked my tongue on her sex hole while my both hand are firmly on both boobs, gently squeezing and kneading her nipples
By now she has started moving her arms here and there and wining her waist. I lifted her up and sat on the single chair that is close to the bed and made her sit on me. Slowly her tight cunt, helped by the sufficient lube provided by her wetness, start swallowing my dick just as a python swallows a prey. Before long her arse is sitting on my laps with the whole of my dick buried deep inside her. She is not as naive as I assumed earlier. She clasp her arms round my neck and resumed kissing me while she grind my dick with so much energy.
The way she fucks aggressively you will know she had once been active but has been starved for a long while. My arms cupped her two petite arse cheeks and squeeze and push them towards me rhythmically making my dick to go deeper
The next thing I felt was a bite on my lips as she went into spasm and her body convulsing in an earth quaking orgasm. She disengaged her lips from mine and her eyes were dilated. I allowed her some seconds to catch her breath before lifting her up with her arms still wrapped round my neck and my dick buried deep into her fuck canal. I held her arse cheek and lifted her up then I start banging her while she firmly held my neck. Her boobs were bouncing while I was hitting her.
After hitting her in that position for a while and loosing strength in my arms, I gently placed her on the table nearby and resumed thrusting my dick in and out of her dripping pink cunt. I pray this poor plastic table don’t collapse on me. I fucked her there until I started feeling my semen surging so I increased my thrust while she has lost control of herself and has started speaking in languages that only her can interpret. After close to a minute of intense bang, I shot my cum deep into her while simultaneously went into another round of spasm

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