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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 11 [Completed]

Rita was a sex maniac. She never gets satisfied no matter much we fuck. Even after fucking her all through the night, she will masturbate first thing in the morning if I am too tired to make her squirt. Provided we are indoors, we will fuck no matter what. Even after being with a customer all night or all weekend, once she get home she will masturbate or ask me to come around
I got tired of her and start keeping a little distance. Thankfully a scandal involving her broke out. A lady accused her of sleeping with her husband. Both she and the lady’s husband denied when confronted by the church council. But the rumour won’t stop spreading so she has to change church. I knew too well she did it but I am not in the mood to ask
Months roll by and I was able to still myself from dating any other church girl. Bridget and I have gone back to the hello and hi pattern. I don’t want to be part of the reason why the church will get a bad name. But will the daughters of eve allow me?
Towards the end of the year we had a Zonal outdoor programme. I have earlier joined the technical department and I am attached to the multimedia unit. The choir stand was set up close to where my projector and laptop was placed.
I noticed a particular girl from another branch seriously giving me the eye. Which kind wahala be this. For the whole three days we had the programme she won’t take her eyes off me.
When the programme eventually ended and we are packing up instrument and chairs, I boldly whispered to her that she should wait for me. By the time we finished packing up; she was in one corner waiting for me. We walked up to my car and I carried her alongside other and dropped everyone close to their place. She was the last to drop. When I asked her where should drop her she said her place is not on this route but I can drop her on the next us stop so she can find her way
Being a gentleman I took the pain to take her to her place and we exchanged contact before saying good night. Her name is confidence
Next day is Christmas and she was quick to wish me merry Christmas. I asked her what her plan is for the day. She said nothing that she is bored at home. I invited her over and gave her my address. Within two hours she is in my living room
I gave her a bottle drink from the fridge as it’s the only thing I have at home .after settling down and a little here and there talk, I went straight to business. No time to beat about the bush. I pulled her over and start to kiss her. Expectedly she hungrily took my lips.
Before long her gown and bra are on the floor and her petite boobs and both in my hand and mouth. She was just on her pant is eagerly waiting for me to pull it off and have her. Then stopped
I told her to dress up. She gave me a confused look like “did I do anything wrong?”
I pulled her close and told her what we are doing is wrong and I will just end up taking advantage of her and will end up not dating her let alone marrying her because that is not in my plan right now. She should keep sex for the man that worth it and that person is not me
She sat still for some minutes before dressing up. She hugged and pecked my then whisper “thank you” to me before leaving
It was at this point I knew I can run away from the daughters of eve and get the real purpose go going to church


PS: this work a purely fiction. It has no bearing whatsoever on any religion

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