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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – Episode 10

Later that evening we resumed our chat and we continued up until mid night
Her: judging by your look and calmness, one will never believe that you are the one am chatting with
Me: looks can be very deceptive. Just as one will mistake you for the daughter of a bishop when you climb the alter to sing
Her: what are you now saying? That I am a sinner abi?
Me: sinner ke? Calling you a sinner is an understatement. You are SIN personified
Her: omg! it’s not fair oh
Me: truth hurts. Why did you send me those pictures when I asked?
Her: dunno. I just find myself comfortable with u. At least I can express myself a little
Me: I can imagine. Can we see tomorrow evening?
Her: ok. Where and when?
Me: I will come and pick you by 7pm
Her: ok. 7pm then. Ttyl
I picked her by 7 and we drove off to GRA. She was looking so different from the Rita that sings in the choir. A milk coloured spaghetti gown that is slightly opened in her wait region, revealing come of the beads. The gown was so tight that all her curves were protruding
I took her to a karaoke lounge where she had a good time singing to so many tunes. After there we went to another lounge that is serene. it was there we talked at length.
Rita was a school drop out that started doing “runs” just to make ends meet. That is what she is using to survive in PH. She is in church because she was from a Christian background where going to church is a norm. She joined the choir because she loves singing
Who am I to judge?
After having enough good time, we drove back home and I dropped her in front of her crib. She invited me in and I obliged. I sat on the only stool available while she excused herself and disappeared to the bathroom
Moment later she walked in completely nude. My eyeballs almost pooped out of its socket
“Like what you see?” She said posing with her hands in akimbo
The only light in the room was from the tv. I quickly looked for the light switched and flicked it on
“Damn babe… You are fucking hot”
I can clearly see the rose tattoo on her firm boobs and her waist covered with beads. As if she is reading my mind, she turned round to show me her arse with the lip tattoo on the left arse cheek.
“Do you want a taste of this hot body” she asked seductively
Without another word I grabbed and pulled her over and attached her mouth while my arms reached for her boobs
“Easy tiger” she manage to say but I have past the stage of caring
I pushed her to the bed and continued munching her lips while my arms are working wonders on her boobs, making her nipples hard.
I disengaged and went for her well shaved cunt. That was when I saw the massive clitoris is carrying it can pass for a one year old dick
“What do we have here? A dick or a clit?”
“Yours to find out”
I immediately pinched it and she winched in a pleasurable cry. I continued tickling the clit while I suck her boob. This sent into a wild excitement as her cunt start churning our slimy sliver coloured juice
“Oh ye baby…If you continue like that am gonna squirt
That alone gave me the boost I needed and I focused intensely on tickling the clit until she begins to vibrate and boom she has splashed her hot fluid all over my body, letting out a loud scream. That did not deterred me as I continue stroking her clit and she also continue churning out her fluid until she got no more fluid to pump out
While she is still trying to catch her breath, I pushed her legs wide apart and inserted my hard dick into her soaked cunt and start to pump her with all amount of energy I can muster. Rita kept on screaming and saying all many of dirty thinks she can remember, fuelling my passion in the process
I turned her to lie on her tummy and I propped her arse upward by pushing a pillow in her groin region. The sight of the bird tattoo, the beaded wait and the lip tattoo on her arse pump more oestrogen to my system as I plunge her dick into her cunt from behind, spreading her arse cheeks to give me more room. I pumped her in that position until I shot my cum on her waist, covering the bird and her beads with my thick cum

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