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Me And My Church Girls – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 11]

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Story Title: Me And My Church Girls

Episodes: 11

Category: S*x

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When the purpose of something is not known, abuse is inevitable
My name is Albert, a regular guy that is trying hard to serve God but somehow lost out on the whole purpose of going to church. I did not plan to do what I did but the daughters of eve will not let be as they come in drove just to have a bite of me

The first time I saw her was when she was giving testimony; thanking God for successful completion of her NYSC program. I just finished mine less than a year ago so I took interest in her testimony because it gives me nostalgic feelings.
Tall, with glowing skin and a well sculptured body. Within seconds of her testimony I have lost track of what is saying. All my attention was focused on her sexy body that is encapsulated inside a black gown she is wearing.
Two days later, on my way to work very early in the morning, I saw her again. I was going to one of our site so I have to board a cab from an area which incidentally was her area. I was seated in the bus when I spotted her walking out of a compound adjacent to me. She was wearing a milk coloured night gown and wrapper tied on her waist. So naturally beautiful that I was immediately attracted to her
The next day was youth meeting and I made sure I attended, praying too that she will attend. Thankfully she did. All through the meeting my eyes were gazed on her. After the meeting I accosted her along the way and we said our hellos and His. She told me her name is Deborah or Debby for short. She was very friendly and welcoming and within minutes we have started flowing freely. When we got close to her compound we exchanged numbers, said our goodbyes and I took a bus home.
The thing is I really like derby and will like to date her but no in the manner that the church prescribed. While I was working hard to get into her pant, I was unknowingly having free access to her heart. I asked her out because I want to fuck her and she accepted because she has fallen in love with me
One evening she followed me to my place and we were all alone in my crib. I made a move to kiss her and she willing accepted my lips ad soon my hands are busy manoeuvring her body, touching all the places I have been imagining to touch for weeks. Soon I was fondling her naked boobs while still kissing her. The top and bra she was putting on has long been discarded
I gently pushed her down and started peeling of the jean trouser she was wearing. She fixed her eyes on me while I pulled off her trouser to reveal her black lacy pant. I leaned forward and went for her boobs, sucking and nibbling the nipple with my tongue while my hand is rubbing her pussy through her pant. Unsurprisingly she was soaked. I shifted the panty aside and poked a finger into her ward and wet cunt which made her let out a soft moan. Moment later I pulled off the pant and gently slot in my dick into her waiting pussy, but not without spending a second to admire her sexy body.
I don’t know if it’s because she looks cool or because I met her in church, I was just fucking her with all amount of caution. Rocking her slowly but making sure my thrust goes as deep as possible. She was damn warm and tight inside. I leaned forward again and planted my lips on hers while she clasp her legs round my waist, rotating her own waist under to match my own thrust. Her moan has become louder. It looked like a well choreographed fucking session in soft porn
We stayed in that position for almost 15 minutes before she start quivering and her moans becoming irregular then she went into a long spasm. Moment later it was my own turn to jerk as I splurge my hot cum deep into her fuck canal. I collapsed on top of her while she held me tight in a warm embrace

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