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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 9

“Hello, dis is chucks online” i said to de caller at
d other side
“Baby its me funmi”
Infact, without her mentionin her name, i
recognise de voice die, dis is d type of voice i
want to be hearin whenever i want to self
service, de voice sweet die.
“Funmi, u see___”
(She interrupted) “Baby pls don’t say it na, i no
sey i don Bleep up, i was just so so carried away
by d good news i heard from de state Gov’t, in
line wit our company winning de contract” she
“Wow, really? praise GOD” was what i could say

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I don’t even knw d content of d contract bt i
ask o.
“But wait o funmi, which contract and what
type of contract be dat self” i ask her
“Oluwaaa ooo, see AMD(Assistant Managing
Director) wey dey ask MD which contract dem
(we) win, ok o, shey na ur new apartment u go
sleep dis nite or stil ur aunt’ s place” she ask
I started tinking on d reply to give.
sleepin in my own big apartment would ve been
a dream come true bt my plan is to start
sleeping dere from coming weekend, what
should i tell her now?
“Chucks are u stil dere?” she ask
“yes yes yes dis nite” i answerd without knowin
what i just said
“ok den, i ll come over to ur place for dinner
also to discuse on d contract” she said
“hmmmn ok, no pro den”
“dat is my boy” she said
“ur boy ke? hmmmn no let ur hubby hear or
catch me o” i said jokingly
(she smile) u dey fear? abi u don change from
chucks wey i knw 4 UI? she ask stil smiling
We talk, joke freely like two old lover who lost
contact for year b4 meetin again.

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