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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 8

i was some hw embarrassd wen she looked
back and saw me lookin at her backside, i
quickly shifted my attention pretendin not to
look at her bt i noticed dat she gave a wicked
smile b4 she finaly closed my office door.

Before i 4get, i was just been employed as
Assistant General Manager and oyiye ll be my
permanent secretary, a car and an apartment
also goes wit dat position.

Back to my story,…… i just stand there thinkin
on what Oyiye ll tink of me for seein me lookin
at her back
i stil d tink on hw to start my first job in my life
wen funmi interrupted my tinking wit: helloo
chucks? (i didn’t notice her comin in)
oh my MD, u are here?i said,
can u stop dat md tin and call my name, haba!,
she warn jokingly
we chat and chat on different topic, she tried to
be romantic wit her chat bt i could not just level
up wit her, maybe i am too happy 4 my new job
or d way our housemaid finish me sexualy last
nite or d Oyiye incident, i could not tell, finaly
she invited me for lunch b4 she left

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I was still in my office trying to work on some
file on my table wen i remember the lunch i
need to ve wit funmi,
“oh my GOD”; i said to myself.

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i ve a glance at my wristwatch, it was exactly
3:15pm “hw on dis world did i 4get d lunch” i
blame myself
what should i do nw? to call her and apologise
or to pretend as if nothing happen?

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Many things were just goin throug my mind at
i was stil thinkin on what to do wen my phone
“this is not time for call na” i said b4 pickin my
phone up

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