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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 66 [Completed]

two days after she left my house i received
three text messages from her
it reads…
“after reading this please don’t curse me
befor sending you this text i have had series of
thinking over it to be sure if i’m right or not
for the past seven months i have been battling
with my heart to retain the lovei had for you
but slowly i lost out
chucks i don’t know how it happene but i think
i’m no more in love with you
i’m typing this with tears on my eyes because i
know how devastated you will be after reading
chucks please don’t get me wrong
you are a perfect guy to any good girl might
come your way
i just can’t explain how the love disappear and if
i should go aheard to marry you
it will not last
it will not last because the love is no more there
my coming to lagos was to tell you but i find it
hard to look into your eyes and say all this
please try to be a man and understand my
i wish you best of luck in your musical career
i know you are going to be great
chuks goodbye”
i read and re-read the text more than five times
with shaking hand
for that moment my mind was blank
all i could do was to stay glue to the text till i
slept off

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i called her on phone so many time to let her
know that the love can still spring up
but she stick to her heart
i involved both my aunty and sisters but all in
when the calls from my people became too
much for her she changed her line
i went to ekpoma to see if i can work something
out with her but i end up in not seeing her
before i came back
(i discover she was hiding from seeing me)
truely i was devastated (according to her text)
i tried everything i could to make things work
again but all failed
weeks turned month
month turned months
my loveth was no where to be found
i started giving up on her when my sister called
and told me that it will be better for me to
move on with my life
she said what will i do if she (loveth) do not
open up to me and she end up doing what i will
not like if we should get married.
last two month i was told that she is no more in
the country by unreliable sauce.
all i want you to know is that you always have a
place in my heart
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***THE END***


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