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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 65

with the help of GOD and the people like my
aunty, Tope and funmi,
we were able to give our mum the first and the
last buria at once (in my place they have what
we call ‘first and last buria’ but if you have your
money you will be permited to perform the two
at once)
i never knew that my mum’s buria could pull
crowd like that
i remembered that my sister and others nearly
cry they life out when performing ‘dust to dust’
thing but the tears refuse to come down from
my own eyes


after the buria when everybody has returned to
they base including my sister and brothers
i had a long discussion with aunty Rose and
loveth about my next step in life,
i told them my plan which is to move to lagos
and start a new life there in entertainment
aunty Rose asked me if i have the capital to
start that
i told her that out of the money my friends
supported me with for the buria, i still have
upto #300,000,00 left in my account
she laughed and said
“you think say lag be like ibadan?”
‘what is she talking about’ i said in my mind
“my dear lagos is more expensive
than that your budget”
‘is this woman trying to discourage me or stop
i asked within me,
and she continue
“see me in the next two hours”
when i finally meet with her
she gave me #600,000,00 chequ and she also
advice me to becareful generaly
the amount on the chequ really beat my
imagination because i have never expected
such amount of money from her
i have initially had an agreement with loveth
that i will come for her once i secure an
apartment in lagos which she also accepted


i have not been able to meet with funmi since
after the buria and
i want to thank her in person for the support
she gave me during the buria so we arrange to
meet in a hotel not too far from azungwu
quarters, ogwash uku
two days to the day i will leave asaba for lagos
myself and funmi met in that hotel in which i
have earlier paid for a room before she arrived,
i started the conversation by thanking her for
the support she gave me before and during the
i was expecting her to tell me the same thing
people always say when thanking them like
‘don’t mention, that is nothing or i know you
can do the same’
but she said
“chucks i miss you, i miss your
kiss, your touch
baby i miss you”
the way she arrange those words sexually made
me mute
when she stand to move closer was when i saw
another good side of her shape
if i have seen her well when she came in, i
should have known that she has mission
the short gown she was wearing could make a
pastor to forget his topic
she pull the tiny thing that held the cloth on
her shoulder and the cloth fell to her feet
the white pant and bra she is putting on made
me to opened my eyes like a cow that was
about to be slaughtered
she removed her bra before she lay on me
the way her nipp.les stand really shows that she
is hungry for my dicck and i was also ready
because the veins on my dicck that was on
vacation quickly resume back to work
we kiss like two hungry lion
i speedily removed my cloth remaining only
boxer with me
the way i succk her breasst make her m0an and
when i insert my finger in her p**syy, it was
we both remove her pant and my boxer before
she sit on me
she fucck the best out of me
when i notice that she is getting tired i brouth
her down, raise her legs then fuccked her by
entering through rear
we did that for awhile before she gave me
doggy style, we end it with normal missionary
“baby this is the best fucck ever”
she said when we both collaps on the bed
when we regain ourselfs, we chart for awhile
before she supprise #50,000 for my up keep
befor she get me a new job
when she left the hotel, damaged my sim after
removing the contact i needed
i don’t want her in my life anymore
i don’t want anymore trouble
i will miss you funmi but bye bye

my first two month in lagos was so so dull
i stay with uncle Mike (my uncle from my father
side) and his family at egbeda
he is a nice man and married to a soft hearted
woman as wife
with beautiful children
i wish to have such family
i move from street to street, area to area
looking for a recording studio where i can work
on my musical skill
luckily i was introduce to a producer at
Duduyemi street off Karim laka egbeda(very
close to Oba palace)
that was the studio where i recorded my
(official) first track
i continued with that for almost three to four
months before i secure my own appartment at
due to my promise i made to loveth
i went to asaba and took her along with me
back to lagos
i remember the promise she made the first day
i brouth her to lagos” never to leave me for
anything in this word” (girls with tongue
my plan was going on smoothly(musically)
i registered my record label and started
attending some local and small shows in hood
my name started to spred in my studio and
but in anything i do, i always carry loveth along
i told her that the only thing i will want her to
do for me is to prapare herself because she will
be going back to school
initially she didn’t believe me not untill i gave
her money to take the exam she need
to short the story
myself and my aunty got her back to school
(Ambros Ali University Ekpoma)
i got myself a low pay job
just to be able to finance my music stuff and
her education
during this period i was able to record 10
tracks, two been promoted on air and shot one
undited video
whenever she come round from school
i always remind her of her promise
i took her to my family both in lagos and ibadan
to introduce her as my fiance
she also did the same
when it was three months for her to round up
her programe
she came to lagos for visiting (according to her)
what i notice in her during this time was that
she always look at me
and when i asked her if there is any problem
she said “no”
the last night she spend with me was when she
told me the reason of her coming to lagos
she said
“chucks, i’m sorry, i don’t think i can wait any
i find it hard to understand the message so i
told her,
she mute for awhile then she said
“don’t worry we will talk later”
the following day she left for ekpoma without
telling me what she suppose to.

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