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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 64


since my aunty has been inform officially about
our (loveth and myself) affair, her generousity
towards loveth has no limit
she take and handle loveth like her daughter
which i always thank her for.
this evening after our dinner aunty called me
and asked me when am i resuming back to my
job, i told her that i’m still waiting for the
company’s call
she said i sould have call someone i know in
that office to find out what is the company’s
next step,
she was shocked when i told her that i’m no
more interested in working with the company, i
said my plan was to leave asaba to resettle
down either ibadan or lagos
she asked me since when have i started
planning that, i told her some days back.
she looked straight into my eyes for awhile
before discharging me with
“rethink again and lets talk on it later”
i walk out to meet loveth at foyer
she asked me what i discuse with my aunty
(i know she was expecting me to tell her that
we were talking about her)
i told her the same thing i told my aunty
“shey u don get another job for there, also what
do you want to do with the file you brought
home the other day?, and what will happene to
she ask
i promised to take her along anywhere i go and
also i told her i will soon return the file
she was pleased to hear that, but she advice
me to be sure of what i want before going for it.
we discuse on other thing before we went in to
the truth is that the reason behind my wanting
to leave asaba was to stay away from funmi and
her husband
i know if i should continue with it, my life will be
in danger
Funmi will like to get me back to the office for
her to have easy access to my dicck and her
husband will not want that, without been told i
know it will generat an issue between them
both which the man will like to make me pain
for(maybe with my life)
some days to my mother’s buria i was still in my
aunty’s house but with my sister(Nkechi)
i have already moved out of my official
apartment and also droped jeep when i was told
by my informal that the man(my MD) is
planning of disgracing me out of the place
so i moved back to my aunty’s place, since then
i have been waiting for the buria ceremony to
finish so i can go ahead with my plan
my sister and her child landed in our town
(Ogwash uku) two days befor, so she came to
asaba to visit aunty Rose
she told me that our elder brother and his
family will land the following day while her
will come a day before the buria
when i told her about my plan she told me to
do whatever i think will not harm me because
my joy is her joy.
when she is about to go, we both went together
on a car aunty Rose borrowed me for that

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when funmi came to me to inform me that she
is finding it hard to convince her husband to
call me back from the suspension
i knew that the next thing will be ‘you are fire’
which i have already prepared my mind for that
i wanted to write my resignation letter but i
don’t know if i can tender my resignstion letter
during my suspension so i stop writing but
luckily or unluckily i recieved my sack letter the
day i went to return the file
despite my determination to leave that city i
was close to tears when i read my first sack
since then i have been avoiding funmi.
myself and funmi was in one of the eatery(that
is the best place i think we can meet now)
she talk and talk and talk, i only chip in
whenever i needed to talk at the end of our
discussion she gave me #250.000.00 to
support me for the buria
she promise to get me another job but i think i
need my life the job

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