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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 63


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i was in my livingroom reading RICH DAD AND
POOR DAD by Robert T Kiyosaki, coauther with
Sharon I Lechter
a book that will teach you how to make money
work for you
not you working for money
i was at page 55 when i heard a knock at my
i pretended i didn’t hear that, because i hate to
be disturbed
not now, not this time, infact not today that i
just found a book that will show me the way out
of this ‘rat race’
out of this financial mess i have been finding
the knock sounded again then i reluctantly
lifted myself off the chair to open for the visitor,
behold when i opened, it was funmi i saw
standing befor me carrying some shopping
there was a mixed feeling on my mind
i was happy to see her but i will not be happy if
i should end up doing anything sexuality with
“don’t you wanna
pick my call or what”
she challenged me as she walk pass me to the
“abi you camp
woman inside?”
she said with a jealous smile on her face as she
drop those bags on the center table,
i remember i left the phone on my bed in
bedroom so i ignored that question but ask her
how was the trip,
we both settled on a double sitter chair to have
a good discussion
we talk on her trip, the three country she
visited and the business over there befor we
finally started discussing the issue that brought
her back to nigeria,
she asked me how and what happend of which
i told her,
i was still explaining to her when she started
shedding tears
i don’t know if she shed the tears due to the
pain i went throug or she was just faking it but
she reassure me of getting the job back to me
i hate seeing people cry for my pain or
problems so i gave her my handkerchief to wipe
her tears
she later handed me those bags which contains
men’s stuff
i gave her a thank you sharp kiss befor i
withdraw to myself,
she wanted to go beyond the kiss but i tried
and stop her
i remember the words that says
“why should i
continue with
something i know i
will not be proud off
in public”
if i can remember very well i think this will be
my first time of rejecting her sexualy,
i wanted to create a gap between us without
making it to affect what i wish to gain from her
so i try to reject her maturely,
when she sited the book i was ready she said
“hummm since when
have you been
reading this?”
i wanted to tell her that that was a senseles
question but i decided to keep it to myself,
without any hard feeling she left,
i continue with my reading when she left
Robert kiyosaki made me believe that you will
never achieve your dream while working for
someone else
his words made me to decid and plan on how to
manage and control my time, money and my
world in general,
when i got to the middle of the book my mind
has already been made up to work on the talent
i have been ignoring for long,
althouh i know that all dream or talent needs
physical money to grow but i still belive that
passion and believe are potent forces that take
over the willing soul and him into a forceful
beacon of a quantum leap or an extraordinary
from that moment my mentality changed
i stop thinkin on how to get my job back
the new chapter of my life i just pictured was
‘how can i start making money to work for me’
i blessed the day i bought the book because it
really changed my thinking method
“Funmi you and your
husband can go
with your job”
i said in my mind, but how i’m i going to tell her

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