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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 62

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loveth wanted to go with me i tried to stop her
from going with me but she refuse then i let her
when we got home everything was as neat as i
left home
“wow baby i like this place”
she said as we entered the livingroom, she
make herself comfortable on one of the chairs
while i went into my bedroom to change to
something simple like short and a round neck
i came out and complaine of hunger
she asked if i have food stuffs at home which i
said no
but i let her know that there is something in the
fridge, we both went to the kitchen to check
“na only five egg and bottle
water there o”
she said when she opened the fridge
she brought an idea that we should cook soup
but i discarded the idea because i know she will
go home late and aunty might get angry with
i told her to prepare noodles for us to eat
since i do not have it at home, she went out to
get it
after our meal we started gisting
she told me how aunty took her shopping for
some cloths and shoes
she also told me how she miss me,
she also told me that aunty asked her if we
have anything together romantically,
when she told me that was when i understand
the reason of her telling me to show loveth
some feeling if i truely want her
we ended our gist with kiss
“i miss you chucks
she said when we break from the kiss
when i look into her eyes i saw true love, i saw
the the geniue love i have been searching for
but i don’t know if it will last
she clinched to me like her saviour and i held
her tight to myself like a selfish cat
i know what is going to happene so i lifted her
and carried her to the bedroom
it has been long i had se.x last so my body was
really vibrating to go down there
we kiss passionately and touched every
sensative part of body befor we did it
the type of se.x we had was not what i call
‘come and lets se.x or lets fucck’ but it was
what i call ‘love making’
some minutes after we ended our love making,
linda called
she said she only called to thank me for the
other day,
i thank her for calling, then cut
what i’m feeling for loveth is now begining to
speak out through my action
nobody need to tell me that i’m already in love
with her
the way she talk to me that evening really
captured my heart
she talk like a lady who is ready to support me
in anything or any line i choose to make my
dream become reality
when i told her what funmi promised me
(getting my job back) she warn me to be very
careful with her or the MD her husband
she said if i still need my life then i should use
my head.

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