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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 6

“Chuks what happen?

your phone is off john told me you
went with funmi
have you started the job?”
aunty was attacking, challenging and
questioning me at the same time when i walk in
i checked my phone
“wow so my phone dey off” i’m sorry i never
knew my phone was phone”
i apologies
“you just go in, shower and come back here to
tell me what happen”
she said while moving away from where she
was standing
as i dey go my room na em i see loveth wey
stand in between kitchen and dinning room
using one hand to rubb her breasstt and using
the other hand to tell me something which i
can’t understand
i just amile and enter my room.

After the deed of the day,
i dey my room by 12 mid nihgt trying to catch
some sleep
after reading a novel {A Rake’s Vow by
stephenei laurens} when my phone rang
” ho ho who bi dis” i said bt when i saw the
caller oh boy the memory of” love in the car”
over took my brain
Hello chuks {oh my GOD i can feel s*x in this
how are you funmi, i replied
i was about asking if her hubby is there when
she softly said
“chuks can you please repeat what you did to
me this after noon now?
On phone? I asked
Yes” she replied
funmi you know i’m always ready
just let me be in control” i said
ok she replied
baby what are u wearing? i ask
I’m completely Unclad” she said
{wow} ok with your other hand,
I pause before continue
touch ur breasstt slowly
rubb the Tip
take it down to ur tummy
please baby rubb ur laps
{as i dey talk, my own oko don turn to rod}
now rubb the tip of ur puzz- y
yea yea now insert d middle finger slowly
{if u see hw funmi dey m0an like say na real
oko dey enter}
yea yea baby make it two fingers
fast fast
{by nw me wey dey in control con dey lose
Her breath start changing heavily
hello hello funmi
the phone went dead
i dey try to call back but not rechable,, ho my
GOD this is punishment”
i said to myself
i don dey try to work on myself when i
remember loveth
oh yea loveth
i just wore my boxer and enter sitting room
thank GOD my aunty is not here
her room is upstairs
so i went to loveth room and i open the door
oh my GOD,,,,,,,,,,,, who,,,, am i seeing?

john (the driver),what are u doing with….”
i could not finish the question cos i was surprise
seeing john copulating my loveth
(Did i just mention my loveth?)
truely i no no may be na anger or jealousness
dey worry me but i no say my mind dey bitter
my iron rod wey dey vex before just
become small sharpaly
john quickly wore his boxer and pick the trouser
or shirt [i don’t knw] then he left d room
without saying a word
As I dey vex reach
loveth no even shake for bed
I just commot and go back to my room
i lay for bed close my eyes maybe i go sleep
sleep no just show at all
(chai, punishment suffernes = over nite
i wan die
I just dey roll for bed
thank God my novel is still reachable
(i picked it up and open any page)
“hello chux are you awake?
can i come in”
i was still sleeping wen i heard that
Lazily i opened my eyes and check my
wristwatch i kept beside me
it was 5:20 am
yea come in (i said with a sleeping voice)
my aunty came in fully dress

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