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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 54


It will not speak well of me to ignor an
international call
i was thinking the caller could be either Nosa
from china or Paul from london
thoes are my childhood friends but decided to
forget me immediatly God help them to travel
out(travel seperatly)
i beged my sister to spear me some minutes to
answer my call
i pull the vehicle out of the road and park at the
“hello, chucks on line”
i said
“i know you are the one
the voice belong to no other person than

i need not to ask the caller befor knowing the
face behind the voice
“hummm i just don’t know what
to say’
i confess
“i hope you know who is…….”
“i know its you funmi”
i interrupted her
there was some seconds silent
“Chucks if i should tell you that
i was not inform on what
happene, then i’m a lier”
she said
i remain silent
because i want to know exactly the one she was
talking about(my mother’s death, my
suspension or the police case)
immediatly i was inform i called your line but it
was switched off
i tried it for complete one week
switched off throughout”
she complain
i think when she called was when i was in police
my phone was seize and i guess it was also
switched off
the way my sister was looking at me was like
‘are we ganna sleep here’
i know if i should continue with the
we will not leave there on time
i let her know that i was driving when her call
came in so i wont be able to talk with her now
i promise to call her back once i’m free
“i miss you baby”
she said befor she cut the call
i droped the phone then continue with the

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we went into a long discussion
we talk on the buria
we wanted to plan concerning the buria with
what we have
but my father’s family member want it big
that is what i dislike my brother for,
where he need to show action or talk like a real
man, he wont
he should have let them know that as diopa
(first son) of my mother
he has more right than them on this issue
we ended the unplaned meeting without
agreeing on one thing
so i left with my sister unhappy
when i was driving
something came to my mind
“will loveth or my aunt be happy
if any of them get to know about
funmi trying to come back to


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I just finish eating my dinner(still in my sister’s
house ‘visitor’s room)
trying to park the plates when my nephew
(small boy) walk in unhappy
what could this be again
anytime i’m around he always come to
complain of one thing or the other
especially if his mum or dad offend him
“my booooy,come come come”
i stretched my right hand to him to come closer
“have you eating?”
“i don’t want to eat”
he said while raising his shoulder to show that
he’s not interested in that food
for a child to reject food, it mean something is
i drew him close to me and pat him
“what do you want to eat?”
i asked
“i want to see grandma, my
mummy don’t want to take me
he said tearsfully
na wetin i go tell this boy
him no go understand na
“what did your mum tell you?”
“not my mummy o, its my daddy
that say grandma have travel to
UCH that is very far”
he said childishly
i was still trying to convince the little boy when
loveth’s call came in
“i’m sorry for calling you late”
she said when i picked the call
“please hold on”
i beg
“i will take you to her only if you
go and eat your food now”
actually i wanted to tell him something that will
make him happy but not with this lie
i should have told him something else but i
don’t know when thoes wrong words slip off my
the boy was happy and he also promise to go
and eat his food sa he walked out of the room
“mama are you there?”
i said to know if she’s still there
“dada i’m here”
she answered jokenly
we talk and talk and talk
the more we talk, the more i see myself getting
close to her emotionaly
one thing that got my attention was when she
said my aunty took her shopping that evening
she told me my aunty bought her some cloths
and shoes
this is not funny
what role is my aunty taking now?
as a future aunty inlaw or as a good boss?
she advise me to be calm with family issues
because different issuea might likely to spring
up befor or during the buria
for the first time
she kissed me on phone befor we end the call
not upto 5minutes i finish speaking with loveth
funmi called
we talk on many things but when i told her
what happened to me, how my mum died and
how was suspended in detaile
she cried on phone
she said it was another thing entirly her
husband told her
she promise to cut the business trip and come
back to nigeria to know what to do on the
suspension matter
the way she cry made me to end the call on

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