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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 52

i was deeply in thought when i got home
i meet my aunty in the conpound, about to
enter her car
inicially i did’t see her
not untill she called me
‘what is the matter with

you look unhappy’
she show concern
i promised to explain everything to her if she
comes back
nobody in the living room when i entered and i
was too tired to go into my room and bath
i sat on one of the center chairs in the sitting
and relax myself there
i head loveth voice from far
meaning i must have slept off
i wiped my face with the left hand to see clearly
i saw loveth standing before me
‘i don’t know when i slept
i said
‘yea i can see you are tired
and unsettled as well’
how come people easily notice if i’m worried?

I thought
she asked if i have eating anything which i told
her i’m not interested in eating anything
she gave me unhappy look then she walks away
‘loveth…… Please come’
reluctantly she came back
i beged her to sit and she did
‘i don’t want to hide
anything from you any
she look relaxed when listening to me
i open up to her
i told her everything that have been going on
between myself and funmi
i told her about the short note i saw at my door
i also told her about what happened in office
earler that day
and my intention with the file i came home with

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my intention on that file was to davite the
company’s money that need to be paid into
company account to my own account


i was so supprise to see loveth smiling and
walking away after what i told her


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i was in the room trying to catch some sleep
after receiving my sister’s call when loveth walk
she told me she was sorry for not replying to
what i told her earlier
i told her i was not angry but just supprise that
she just smile and walk away
she smile again
“i’m very sorry about that,
you see chucks
now she stop smiling and look more seriouse
“what happene between you and funmi could
have happen to any
other guy,
what makes us human is the
mistakes we constantly make
but what makes us relevant an
constant is the ability to make
amend when we realise our
i could not believe what i just heard
i’m beginnig to see the other side of loveth
she sound more mature than ever
i did nothing but to just stire at her while she
“on the issue of that file you
brought home
hummm, let me ask you this first
have you for once involve
yourself in a deal like this befor?
the question got me thiking on how to answer
truely i have not done anything like that befor
but is there crime in trying
(i said in my mind)
“no i haven’t”
i answered
she smile
“then why do you want to go into
something you know you wont
be able to cover yourself once it
as your aunty normaly tell me
‘dont think with your emotion
but use your emotion to think’”
“and again, i Know you still want
to know how you were release”
‘yes this is what i really wanna know’
i dont know when i said so
“chucks please dont quote what
i’m about to say wrong
you might not understand it now
but just liten”
just say it anyhow please
i said
“i used my native power”
she pause to see my reaction
i think
“in my mother’s family, they have
a stream which they believe in
and she(stream) helps them
whenever they
call on her(stream)
i called on her(stream) the way
my mum thought me,
to intervene on your case when i
saw where it will end”
she said then she look straight into my eyes
i search for words to say but i could not
am i hearing her well?

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“can you please tell me how you
do it?”
i asked in a very low tone
she stood from where she was sitting and said
“sleep my dear, tomorrow we will
she said then walk quickly out of my room
different thought fill my mind
i started thinking of many thing
till i slept off

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