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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 51

i brought out my laptop and get it connected
Onyi walk in then stair at me for awhile
she delivered the message from chairman that
any day i resume
i must report to his office
“hope there is no problem”
i asked
she let me know that she wouldn’t know if there
i thank her for the message
and also told her to find out if chairman is on sit
i have to face whatever that is coming my way
at least ‘na go home e go end”
i prepared my mind for anything that might like
to come my way
that is life


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i was invited into an emergency board meeting
different questions were put up to me
concerning the case i had
i told them what i can
after everything a panel of three men were raise
to investigate the issue because they will not
allow anything or anybody to damage the
reputation of the company
my heart skiped when i hear the chairman
“you are suspend from your
duty till we hear the out come
of the investigation”
he said without lookin at me
this is life
i said within me
i was too ashame to walk out while people are
still sitting
so i bow my head
i waited till they all left one after other
but when i raise it
chairman was stil sitting on his chair
remaining only two of us there
i wanted to beg him to reverse the decision but
i decided to remain a man that i am
i stood then head straight to the door
i was at the door when i hear
“thank your God that this
happene to you
otherwise my sword would
have touch your life
i’m still watching”
he said
i went back to my office
thinking on what to do next
i was there for three hours still thinking on what
to do
i picked up my desk phone and put a call
through to onyi to report to my office
without wasting time she came in
‘sir you need my assistant?’
she asked
that is a useless question
if you are not needed here i wouldn’t have
called you
i said in my mind
”please do you remember
M and E company?’
i asked her
she noded to answer ‘yes’
i told her to get me they file from her desk
the stone i rejected then must now be the chief
stone that my foundation will stand on
i can boldly see the writing on the wall that my
service is no longer needed
so if i can’t make use of this tiny and last
opportunity here
it means i will remain a loser for life
Onyi came in with the file
‘here is the file sir’
she said while she droped it on my desk
‘when last did you work
on this file?’
‘sir you do not tell me to
work on it’
she really look scared
thank God you have not work on it
i said withing
i was about telling her to leave when she said
‘hope no problem sir’
‘no problem my dear, you
can leave now’
i said
she left without saying what is on her mind
her look shows that she wish to ask many
i know i made mistake for sleeping with a
married woman
but i shoud not be the only one to pay for it if
God truely exist
at least she agree with me befor i or we did it
i said all this in my mind
i let a soft smile out and i said to myself
‘chuks… Hope you can
handle this’
i park little things that belong to me including
the file
i looked at the office round for the last time
then i walk out

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