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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 50

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she face down for a moment
“you just want to hear it from
me,i know aunty must have
told you”
she said in a pitiful tone
i stood from the bed and move close to her
i held her shoulders losely making her to stand
“she haven’t told me anything
what she said was ‘sometime
natural don’t win but
supernatural does’ that was
i said
she smile then said
“yes, supernatural does
but if she haven’t told you
anything then please let us
leave it till tomorrow”
she said
i made an early call to my sister at ibadan to
know what the situation is
i ended the call after getting the information
that i needed
i entered bathroom to wash myself
as the water from the shawer drop on my head
the pain in my mind washed away
but another thing spring up in my mind
“am i going to office to
resume or to find out why i
was abandoned?”
i thought while still taking my bath
i dressed up for work since i have concluded to
resume my job
life must continue
on my way out i met my aunty walking towards
my room
she asked if i’m really ready to to resume my
work which i answered her ‘yes’
“well if you say so, i will like
to have some words with but
lets leave it till you come
take care”
she entered kitchen after saying what she said
i saw mr john (aunty’s driver) out side and i
formaly thank him for driving my vehicle home
(aunty’s house) from the station
he offer to drive me but i stop him
i took a cab from the street
to office
i told the cab driver to park at the front of my
company’s gate
i paid him his fee then came down
all the security at the gate saluted me at once
like a general of army that just walk in
it seems they were happy for seeing me again
i took my time in greeting them than the way i
normally do
when i entered the reception it was as if i was a
TV screen that everybody face during a crucial
football match
i nearly stumble with that look
“good morning”
i greeted them first
something i have never done
i manager to find my way out of that reception
befor i end up messing myself
“Jesus is good”
Onyi said softly while she covered her mouth
with hand when she saw me
the expression on her face shows that she has
head something
“mr mr hmm welcome sir”
she manage to say
“is she confuse on what to say or there is
something else”
i thought
i returned the greeting then walk pass her into
my office
i settled on my chair
for some minutes i remain on that chair
thinking on the next move or thing do

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