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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 48

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“chuks chuks, come out her jor”
i heard my name been called by one of the
i reluctantly pull myself out of my deep thinking
and answered him
“person dey look for you”
i was taking to a room where families or friends
meet with their relatives in detention
loveth was sitting on one of the bench in that
i called
she turned around and saw me
i can see the traces of tears on her face
i notice she also lose weight
in short the loveth i saw that day look differente
to me
i don’t need to be told that she is not fine
her appearance says it all
“what are you doing here?”
i know that was a silly question to ask but i just
want to say somethin since i don’t know what
to say
“chuks i don’t know what to say”
she force herself to speak
“i have been coming here
without them(police)
allowing me to see you”
she said in a sympathetic way
all i could do was to stired at her
she looked down then said
“i heard everything,but believe
me, there must be mix up
“yea i know, but how will i
prove that? who will be my
she interrupted
the mentioning of GOD made me smile
do God still care for human being as he claim?
if yes then why is my mother’s case different
i told her to forget the issue of bringing God
into this matter because God has forgotten he
created a place like ours
she try to stop me talking in that manner but i
was too emotional to be stop
the tears she droped while i was talking harding
my heart to talk tough to God
” have you eating?”
she asked me
i knew she ask in order to keep me quite
i breath out heavily
“i have taking something
untill she presented the stuff she had with her
befor i realise she was carrying something
the officer in charge told her to tast from the
food which she did
the officer looked at me like
‘so na you wan chop all this abi’
i was not in that mood so i careless on whatever
he might have in mind
loveth stood and huged me
“i believe everything will be ok soon
she said
one thing that disturb me is my company
i wondered why they have not come
or haven’t they been inform
my aunty should have inform them
i understand that sometime silent can seem so
but in this case of mine
it seems the silentness of my company is really
speakin in a language which i can’t understand
i just want all this mess to be wipe off without
my name been stain
i remember when i was in school
one of my lecturer always tell us to lean
everything from anything
but in this case what will i lean

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