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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 48

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i saw my aunty, barrister, a man in native attire
and dpo in his office when i was brought in
it seems they have discuse alot befor i was
brought in
“thank your God, also thank
this your aunty”
i was like what is this man saying
the dpo with smile on his face continue
“chief have decided to drop
the case”
the DPO said while pointing at the man on
native attire as the chief
i knew i betrayed them all because they must
have been waiting for me to shout for joy i don’t know what they are all expating me to
tell the man
to thank him for locking me up without
commiting any crime?
to thank him for the death of my mother
but on a contrary i suppose to thank him for
droping the case that involved his daughter’s
i looked into the man’s eyes with tears on my
eyes and said
“i know there is nothing i will
say that will bring back the
lost….but i want you to know
that an innocent soul has paid
for another man’s crime
thank you for letting me out”
after spending hours at the station my bail was
the barrister left befor us with his car while i
went home with my aunty
on our way home (in her car)
“in a case like this, natural
don’t win but supernatural dos”
i find it hard to understand what she said
i ask of sister Nkechi
she told me she(Nkechi) has gone back to
ibadan due to the of my mum
the mention of my mum made my bitter more
she encouraged me to be strong and take this
as a challenge a strong man must face
i saw the joy of me been release in loveth
she was full of life,
she put everything i needed in place
i never knew that the domestic workers here so
much love me like this
i took my bath then later ate my meal
after everything i was left alon with my aunty
on dinning table
“i know this is not a right time
for me to discuse with you but
i have to do that due to my
she said(loveth comes in to clear the table)
“chuks, you need to thank
this girl”(pointing to loveth)
thank loveth?
for the food she prepared or what? i thought
with the corner of my eyes i saw loveth smiling
while she walks away with plates
“to be honest with you, she
(loveth) showed me what to
do for you to be release
without any trouble”
aunty said
with what she just said, i get more confused
infact i told her that i can’t understand
anything anymore
she reminded me that my release was not
i begged her to explain how and what happene
that made the man(chief) to drop the case
“chuks, if we as human know
meaning of everything, then
there will be no meaning to anything”
she continue
“what happened should make
you strong, not to demoralise
with what happened, i will not
want you to think wit your
emotion but use your emotion
to think and also know that
each step you take have an
impact in your life or people
around you”
i remain sobber throughout the time she use in
talking to me
but one thing i’m curiouse to know is
how come loveth was involve in my bail

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