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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 47

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i was still in the cell when an officer called me
out and lead me to DOP’s office where i meet
my sister from ibadan, my aunty, DOP and a
middle age man on suit
i wasn’t surprise to see my sister there because
i know my mum would have been there too if
she was strong
i looked straight into my sister’s eyes
she just broke down in tears when she saw me
she move closer to me and urge me tight
“i know you can’t do this
we all trust you”
she continue to sobb
i held her head tight to my shoulder to comfort
“please can you tell me the truth
about mama’s health condition
i beged her to tell while her head still rest on
my shoulder
“as at yesterday befor i left
ibadan she was still on
seriouse condition according
to the doctor”
i was hurt to hear that
i nearly cry but i try to hold it back just to prove
that am a man
but deep down me i was crying
my aunty’s voice made us to lose up
she later introduce the man on suit to me as
her lawyer
the lawyer was introduce to me as barrister
i was told he has handled many cases like that
barrister Andy beged the DPO to allow him to
have sometime private talk with me
he allow but he told us to make it snappy befor
he left the office for us
i explained how i was arrested on my way home
to him
“i meant to understand that
your jeep was sighted at the
place where the crime took
he said
“something is wrong
somewhere and that is what
we will find out”
he said
we were still talking on how to find solution to
my problem when my sister’s rang
she picked it and answered the caller
suddenly she screamed
“noooooo God noooo”
while she droped the phone on ground
the DPO rushed in along with some officers to
know what is wrong
right there i knew something has happened to
my mum but i still want her to tell us what she
“sister please tell us na”
i pleaded
“my husband said mama
don die”
she finaly said what i already know but don’t
want to hear it
she said what will forever remain in my memory
what will make me feel guilty of killin my
mother with the case i knew nothin about
the DPO was touched
he even tried and to console my sister
i tried to hold back the tears
but the more i try the more the tears roll down
i don’t wanna cry but tears keep comin
how i wish this could be dream
“chuks i will come and see you
tomorrow, i think we need to
take your sister home now”
barrister said
DPO told one of the officers to take me back to

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