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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 46

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i was usher into DPO’s office
i meet a man with big tummy sitting behind a
big desk
“so as fine as you are, your
job is to robb and kill people”
the man ask
i told him i don’t have any clue of what have
been accused of
he told me to help them by telling them where
the rest of my gang are
i told him i don’t have any gang and i want my
phone to be release to me
“your phone or what did
you just say?
please take him to cell and
make sure he confess”
he orderd one of the officer
i was detained for two wicked weeks befor my
aunt was able to trace my car to the station
i went through hell in the hand of thoes animal
she wept when she saw me
i beged her to help me find out what was my
she told me that she was inform that my jeep
was seen with the robbers that robb one mr
Azu and killed his daughter in the process
i tld her that could not be because i have never
givin my ride out to anybody
but i was surprise when i was told that the
scence happene the sunday i was at ibadan
my aunt tried to bail me out but she was told
that the case is beyond bailing
the DPO said i will be charge to court for
robbery and murderer
i could not believe this is happenin to me
i wish to wake up and find it was all dream
this is when i remember the dream my mum
told me she had concernin me
“no no this can’t come to pass”
i said while shaking my head in pain
“what is that?”
she asked
i told her about the dream
there was a short silence after i have told her
“chuks….i’m sorry to say this
she told me that my mum fainted and rushed
to hospital when she was told of me get missing
“oh my GOD”
aunty please can you do
something to get me out of
i beged her
although i was ok facially but the man in me is
my aunty promise to contact her lawyer once
she leave the place(police station)
i was taking back to the cell
but at this junction i was no more thinking
about myself but my mummy
i forgot to tell my aunt to get my phone from
thoes officers for me to make calls

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