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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 45

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i don’t know what came over me that made me
to lose interest in that s*x
the thought of loveth took over my heart
“who is loveth”
funmi’s voice brought me back to the scene
“did i mention name while
thinking or was i thinking
i asked myself
i lookd at her and pretended like nothing went
“so i am the fool here abi?
i am busy working(s*x) on u
and you are busy calling one
the way she talk shows she’s really hurt she roll off me and begin to dress up
i wanted to get up and calm her but i was too
weak to do that
i only manage to tell her not to get it twisted
she quickly dressed up then look for her bag
“i only came to tell you that
i will be livin for sweden
on thursday(next two days)
on business trip, good day
the way she rush out of my house really
disturbed me but i refuse to run after her
i need to be seriouse with my life now
i need to know who i really want choose but not
not her
i was on my way home(driving), coming from
my aunt’s place when a police van over took my
car and cross my way
they all rush out from their van
one of them shot into the air
“yes this is the car sir”
one of them told another fat officer while
pointing his gun at my car
i remain silent but scared because i don’t know
what they are up to
“come down now befor i
blow ya head for you, arm
one of them shouted at me
i quickly jump out of the car
but still confuse
“oga abeg i no understand”
i was about asking what was my offence when
two different thunder slap landed on my face
i instantly went blind
my hearing started receiving evil spirit’s signal
everywhere became dark
i tried to gain my balance but i couldn’t
“thief thief common push him
here, wey ur gang,ur gang
some of them scream
all i was able to say was to scream
“i no bi thief o, i no bi thief o
please help me o”
“shot up”
i heard another voice shouting at me
befor i know what is happening
i have been bundled into their van
i was told to write a statement which i refuse
i told them to tell me my offence befor i will pen
anything down
“if real hand touch you
nobody go tell you to write
befor you go beg for biro
i brought out my phone to call my aunt but i
was surprise when a corstable snatched the
phone from me and threating to deal with me
“oga say make una bring him
come his office”
a man without uniform said

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