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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 44

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After the romance and love chat i had with her
she prepared me semo and agbono soup to eat
i left for my house after i have waited for my
aunt to come back which she never did
on getting to my place
i saw a note been hang at my door
slowly i took and open it
what was writing on the paper was
there was no name or signature on it
where could this come from?
is this note meant for someone else?
who is playing prank on me?
i asked myself?
I unlock the door then enter
but i was still thinking on that note
as tired as i was, i manage to get myself in side
my bedroom
“mehn i need to wash this
i said to myself while undressing
“hello are you in”
i heard funmi’s voice calling from the livingroom
“what? how come, didn’t i
lock the door?”
i asked myself
“i’m here in the room
i will join you soon”
i replied
i have already pull off everything i was wearing
befor i heard her voice
i need to wear something befor goin to meet
her so i searched for a new boxer to wear
“what are you searching for?”
i turned around and i saw funmi standing at the
entrance of the room
she was stiring at my diick with a S#xual smile
“is this how you
nake.d yourself whenever
you are alon?”
she asked while she move closer
i told her i was about takin my bath befor i
heard her voice
she ignored my explanation then stretched her
hand to hold my diick
“i miss you baby”
she said
“miss kwan, you miss me
or my diick”
i said withing me
the hand on my diick make my body vibrate
initially i was pretending like everything was ok
but when she rub the diick hard
the pretense disappear from my memory
she release the diick to help herself unbutton
her shirt
the half bra she use in packaging her breasst
makes them look more eatable
i helped her in finishing the job by shifting the
bra up to reveal thoes hunje omo(breasst)
this is un deniable food
i thought i was tired when i came in but i was
surprise to see myself been more stronger than
how i was in this situation
“can we do it now baby”
she ask
she pushed me to bed
the way my diick erec
i was happy with it
she came on me with her thin brushing my thin
she place a slow kiss on my lips
“how many girls u fucck for
“na u and u i fucck
through my dream
i replied
“hmmm, na lie jor”
she get up and nake.d herself befor coming
back to me
“so how u take do am for
tell me shey na like this?”
she brushed my diick with her Kitty-Cat to show
i felt my head spining the way she brush on my
she shifted abite from me
i looked at her when she move down to my
i was thinkin she want to sU-Ck me but i was
she just spate on my rod, rub it on the cap then
she position herself to sit on me
i watched as my diick totaly enter her as she
sat on me
she was still on me while the thought of loveth
filled my heart

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