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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 43

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After having one night stand with Onyi, we both
left the hotel to find our way
i saw my brother in-law(my sister hubby) when
i enterd the house
we both ex change pleasantries
i move to the guest room where i meet my
mum trying to find her bible
“are you going to church too?” i asked
she turned and look at me like ‘are you sure you
know what you are asking me’
“if i didn’t go to church where else do you want
me to go?” she also ask
i later told her about my going back to lagos b4
she left
I was trying to tie the lace of my shoe when my
phone rang
when i picked it, it was mr UGO that was calling
“please i’m almost through
i will join you people soon”
i beged him on phone
i quickly tied the lace, pick my coat and head
straight to the car park
it was ovions that i was the one keeping them
“good morning mr chucks
hope no problems?”
mr john asked me
“am very very sorry
actually i woke up late”
i confess
in less than 10minutes drive we found ourselfs
at the front of a building called MANSARD
PLACE at bishop aboyade cole vi
i was surprise to see MANSARD instead of GE
but i kept that to myself
a security man directed our driver to park
properly at the visitor’s car park befor we were
lead into a place that look to me as a reception
but it was the security house
we all signed in befor we could be allow to go
into a beautiful palace called GE reception
“Good mornin sir”
one of the beautiful and charmin receptionist
greeted us
i don’t knw hw my eyes roll to the chest of the
one that made move to attend to us
i notice that the top button of her(company
customised)shirt is unbutton
immediately i sighted the top of her breasst, i
forgot our purpose of being there
i guess she notice what i was doing because
she smile and shook her head when she lookd
at me
“please you can sit over
there while we put a call
second girl said
we were in that waiting room when a tall and
slim young man came in
he introduce himself as mr TOYIN
the one in charge of GE contract in nigeria
he lead us to one of the meeting room call
‘YOLA’ at 3rd floor
‘the reason of them namin
all their meetin rooms
after states in nigeria still
remain unknow to me
the meetin lasted for complete 3hrs
but it was successful
after all and all, we left GE with good result to
take back to Asaba
on our way out the same receptionist gave me
a smile
I decided to go straight to my aunt’s house
when i enterd asaba because i really needed to
eat something solid which i will not be able to
prepare for myself due to the tiredness
the way loveth jump on me nearly take me off
my feet
“i missd you baby”
she said
i saw it in her eyes that she truely miss me
but befor i could go on
i look round the living room to see if someone
else is there
but nobody was there
“baby i miss you too”
though i said it but i don’t know if i mean it
sometime i feel like am in love with her but i
can’t just figure it out if my feelings are for real
or not
one thing i know for sure is that she truely love
she cross her arms round my neck while i hold
her waits
she look deep into my eyes
and tears drop from her eyes
without been told i know she’s madly in love
with me
“i wish i can be yours for life”
she said while i was trying to wipe her tears
i don’t know what to reply her
but i manage to say
“God is in control”

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