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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 42

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and use my left hand to divide the meat on her
p**syy for my J0yst!ck to enter freely
she shut her a-ss back
i fix another condom on my diick
she raise her head once i inserted my diick into
her fully
i pump it and out of her gently
from slow fuccking to a fast banging
her m0an!ng makes me happy b’cos i feel like a
champion whenever she cry out
i guess she could not withstand the pressure or
heat i was sending into her b’cos she collaps on
the bed while banging her from behind
my diick stil remain in there
it was as if the Bleep became more interesting
when she collaps
“hit it hard, baby common hit harder” she
manage to say
i turn her round to face me
also i drag her back to center of bed
i splited her legs and i was able to see the oily
p**syy clearly
but i could not watch it for long befor i send in
my hard diick
she cross my waist with her legs, pressing me
tight to herself
what surprise me was that she closed her eyes
and then raise her two hands like someone that
is praising God
“weeeeed” she said
“Bleep me ooo” she beg
yea baby, i’m fu-Ckin baby hmmmn” i manage
to say
we didn’t stay in that position for long befor i
made her to lay with her side
i roll to her back to level up with her
she give me space by lifting one leg up
with the ‘side by side style’ i push in my diick
then i took over the leg by holding it for her
i think she enjoyd this style more than i do
because she held my a-ss tight to her thin
her one leg was swinging in the air while i was
giving her what i call a radical banging
the strength i put in that Bleep was like a magic
to me
she came twice
while i was still on the way to come
i send my hand across to her breasst then i
start to electric into her body by playing with
her nip-ple
i started to bang her faster cus i’m beginin to
feel some rush on my rod
i held her tight while banging her hard
i could not see clearly again
it was as if i was with God when i finally release
i gently pull out and removd the condom
“why did you come early last night?” she ask

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