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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 41

i got the shock of my life when i woke up
“due to the pressure on my diick”
and i saw Oyinye completely nak-ed
working on my diick
i could not believe my eyes
“so this is not a dream” i thought
she sU-Cked it till i could not hold my pretense of
been asleep any longer
i place my two hands on her head to hold it firm
to my diick
i never knew when i let out a slow and soft
i sense she is begining to get tired of the
i pulled her up to myself
a soft kiss was planted on her lips & she took it
while my mouth was busy kissing her sweet
and soft lips
my right hand was also busy squeezing her
i felt her hard nip-ples on my chest and that
alon sent a massage to my brain
“sU-Ck me please” she beg
“hmmmn” was what i could do
she pulled herself up above me
and position herself like she want to poo
i wanted to move but she beg me not to
she finally placed her wet p**syy directly to my
mouth in a sitting position
the tast of her juice made me believe that all
female juice tast the same
the tast was salty, but truely i like the neatness
of her p**syy
neatly shave
i started with a soft bite on the lips of the
i went in with my tongue bite by bite
i retrieve my tongue then start to lick it in and
though i was not able to see her face due to the
way she position her head
but i can tell that she was crazily enjoying it by
the way she was squeezing her own breasst
i could not insert my tongue properly when she
start responding to the sU-Cking with her
i love that move
she leved herself with me(laying on me)
she kiss me passionately befor she took her
hand to my diick and she set it straight
befor she finally covered it up by sitting on it
she was warm inside, my J0yst!ck quickly adapted
to the temperature of her wall of jerico
she whine the yansh on my diick befor she start
she haven’t pump upto three times before she
let out a painful shout
i thought she was coming but i got it wrong
she look down to my waist
then said “d hook of ur zipe has injured me”
it was when she complained i realise that i’m stil
wearing my trouser
she only unzipe my trouser befor she was able
to bring out my J0yst!ck initially
she unseat herself from my diick and told me to
pull the trouser off
i could not believe the speed i use in pulling the
trouser off
she wanted to reclaim her position but i turned
her round the position i enjoy most
i made her bend, her head facing down
the way her p**syy shut out from behind make
me wanna scream
i grap my diick with my right hand

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