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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 40

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i could feel it dat i’m no more in control of my
body for dat moment
my brain was no more functionin well
why is dis girl backing me” i tot
is she pretendin to be sleepin or what is she
trying to do to me”i could not figure anyth out
i sumor my courage and touch her yansh
since she didn’t move den i took d bull by d
horn by stretchin my hand to her b0s0m
yet she didn’t move
i unzipe my trouser and brought out my diick
for to feel it on her *ss
is like she’s deeply asleep’ i concluded
i check my pocket for d durex Tope gave me,
behold i could not find any dere
i left d bed to check myself very well befor i
sited dem on d table where i must drop it
i move to d table and retrieve it,
while comin back to bed i look at her eyes if
they are close to knw if she’s sleepin
i saw den close den i came back to bed
i fix one of d durex on my diick after tearin d
i continue wit my move
i try to pull her cloth up bt i was surprise wen
she make way for me to do dat by liftin her hips
i push my J0yst!ck closer to her *ss
i was useing my hand to locate her pant bt it
was nowhere to be found
d next tin i saw was dat she held my diick, raise
one of her legs befor insertin my diick into her
Kitty-Cat by herself
bt one tin dat get me confuse til nw is dat wen
and hw did she remove her pant
i start to stroke her from behind befor d
unexpectd tin happene
in less dan 3mint i enterd her, i release
i could not believe myself
my mind was troubld
i notice she was surprise also cus d way she
lookd at me
i was ashamed of myself
“how could this happene to me
this night of all night” i said within me
i made some funny move on her body maybe it
will help my diick stand again
but all was in vain
while i was still laying behind her
i place my diick on one of her laps and rubbed
still there was no sign of erec-tion
then i gave up and try to force myself to sleep
i felt something warm on my diick
initially i thought it was a dream and i didn’t
want to wake up b’cos i saw someone playing
with my diick

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