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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 39

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I quickly remove my diick from her p**syy and
pull down her gown at least to cover her *ss
from been seen by dis guys
no no no no dis should not happene here”d
white guy said
i’m sorry for dis” i said calmly
i notice dat Oyiye was some hw ashame of what
just happene
she didn’t turn to even look at d guys talkin
i ll appreciate it if u discontinue dis pls” d white
i held Oyinye by her wrist den take her out of
dat scence
we went back to our table and meet Tope and
his girl enjoyin wit they drinks.
Oyinye was no more friendly d way she was wen
she join d table earlier
can u pls take me away from here?”she whisper
to me
is dat what u want? i ask her
she nodded in approver to my question
i pat her lap to tell her to calm down
i excuse Tope away from d table
dis girl want me to carry her commot for here
o”i inform him
he smile in a way dat say” i gbadu u die”
na her hus u wan carry her go nw abi my catey
(house) ?” he ask
catey is one of our slangs den & it means hus
i never knw where she wan go
wetin go happene bi sey i go go drop una for
hus or anywhere cos i go stil come back here
o”he said
no quans(problem)” i reply
we went back to d two ladys
i ask Oyinye where she want me to take her to
bt i was surprise wen she said i should take her
to anywhere i wish just for her to leave place
i believe Tope must ve inform his girl cos we all
left at once
way toba(where to) he ask
kan fo(kakanfo hotel) i replied
we always speak in slangs wen we are wit girls
we head to mobile where d hotel is located
in no time we got to d hotel and bookd for a
single room
it was only Tope dat follow us to d reception,
mary choose to remain in d car
hw e go be na” i ask him after collectio d room
u come first” he said while he drag me to a
wey ur sU-Cks?”he ask while he smile again
oh boy i no no sey match go dey o”i said
he brought out his wallet and handed me
4pieces of durex
play save” he warn
u dey mara(mad)” i said jokingly
he left while i also rejoin Oyinye and d portal dat
was waitin for me
you can call d reception in case u need anyth
sir” d portal said
ok, no problem, tanks for dat”i said
d room was ok for d price
befor i knw is happening
Oyin ve already removed her shoe and jewelries
den spread herself on d bed
pls wake me once its 5:30am
i ve to go home and attend to my sister on
time”she said
talkin of her sister remindd me what i wanted to
ask her wen i saw her earlier in d club
bt dis is not d rite time to ask” i tot
i also remove my shoe and my shirt befor joinin
her on bed
it was 1:05am wen i check d time befor i join
her on bed
d thought of her being my secretary didn’t take
place in my mind any more
all i was tinkin nw is hw to continue what we ve
bt d funny tin was dat
Oyinye didn’t even look at me or do as if we ve
done someth earlier dat nite
she just back me on bed as if i was owing her
i started feelin d blood rushing up to my brain
it was as if somebody close to me is holdin my
destiny without lookin at my condition
my diick ve started behaving funny

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