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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 38

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Mary gave me a kind of smile dat says “i knw
she ll fall for u”
one tin dat i like abt mary is dat she flow wit me
like we ve knwn each other for long
i sense she is a free and playful girl
Tope hit my foot to tell me ‘u are a bad boy’
bt i disappointd both of dem wen i introduce
Oyiye to dem as my secretary
i saw Tope givin me eye like ‘don’t tell me dat
story guy’
i can’t say if mary believe or not cus i was not
able to read her feelin
we order 4 one more glass cup for her to join in
drinkin mcdowel
i notice she drink alot so i decided not to bring
up any reasonable topic
we were dere stil drinkin wen tope and mary
excuse theyselfs to dance
remainin myself and Oyi sittin side by side on a
table of four
as close as our chair was, she stil move hers
more closer to mine
so tell me where is ur girlfriend?”she ask under
alcohol influence
my girl is Uche Jumbo” i teas
d next tin i notice was her hand on my J0yst!ck
i no u are jokin jor, common” she said
i tink d drink is beginnin to intoxicate her
she start to rub both my laps and J0yst!ck together
i look round if anyone notice bt it seems nobody
is care of what d next peson does
my body has beginnin to respond to d touch
em em wait wait, stop first” i manage to say
what na?” she ask while turnin her head like a
girl dat is under deliverance
i also lose control of myself
maybe it was due to d drink or S#xual feelin
can we go can we go”i was confuse on where to
can we go to d back?” i just ask
u mean to d toilet?” she ask
yes” i said
i lookd at d people dancin on dancin floor
it was as if dere was someth on d floor dat
posses u once u step in to d dance floor b’cos d
way everybody was dancing really beat my
bt i couldn’t site my friend and his girl on d floor
pls lets go na” Oyi beg
i told her to come and join me in d male toilet in
next 5minutes
i left d clubin room and went to d toilet and
wait for her
in less dan 3minutes she show up
she came forward to kiss me bt d smell of
alcohol piss me off
do it na” she said
i could not understand what she want me to do
either to kiss or to fucck
she unzipe my trouser to show me what she
my diick ve turn to rock already
i wantd her to sU-Ck my diick bt dere was no
time for dat
she also wantd to sU-Ck it bt i stopd her
i turn her round, makin her to face d WC
d short gown she was wearin made everyth
easy for me
she bent, holdin d WC
i pull up her gown, shifted her white pant aside
i lifted one of her leg on d toilet sit den lower
her *ss to be on d same level wit my dic
i brought out my hard diick from d trouser
i spat on my palm den rub it on my diick b4
insertin it into her hot p**syy(condom)
i was just beginnin to enjoy d Bleep wen d door
was open
a young boy whom i guess to be one of d
worker open to come in bt he went back wen
he saw us
i wanted to pull out bt she hold on to me to
d sweetness of her p**syy also made me to
her p**syy was abite tit
suddenly d door re-open again
a white guy believin to be d owner of d club
and d boy show up

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