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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 37

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i don’t knw u can do dis(dance) sir” she said
i was stil surprise to see her dere(club) b’cos
what i permitted her fore was to attend to her
sick sister
let me give u two some space to dance”mary
said while trying to excuse us
she turnd back and whisper to me
it seems she(Oyiye) likes u, bros no dull o” mary
whisper it to me b4 she left me on d dance floor
na my secretary o”i only said dat in my mind
b’cos d distance between us (mary and myself)
ll not make me to say it
what are u doin here” i ask
she pretended like she didn’t hear what i ask
she held my hands, took dem across her
she start to move her body against mine, giving
me d sign of “lets dance”
we dance for awhile without sayin a word to
each other
is she angry? she ask
who?” i also ask
ur girlfriend(refering to mary)
i smile, den i ask her if mary is beautiful
she was somehow reluctant b4 she could
yes she is and y did u ask?”she ask
nothin”i said while smilin
she was backin me so she wouldn’t ve seen d
is she ur girlfriend?” she ask again
no she is not”i answer
den y did she leave u on dance floor wen she
saw me?
she’s my fiance”i lied
i don’t knw y she was shock wen i said dat
she stop d dance and look into my eyes
d look on her face makes her to look like
someone dat was just been dump by her
i think i need to excuse myself b4 dis head of
mine got smack by ur women”she said
don’t be scared, she’s not a jealouse type” i said
if u say so o”she said den continue rubbing her
body on me
Oyiye went wide on d dance floor like a
possessed little girl wen d DJ playd ‘we been
burnin’ by sean paul
i also try to level up wit her bt it seems she has
been doin it(dancing) professionaly b4 goin it
coperate world
ok, nw i surrender, u ve won” i said while tryin
to catch my breath
infact i never new u could buggin it down as u
did” she confess
i’m very sorry for takin u away from ur
woman”she apologise
she was surprise wen i told her dat mary was
not my girlfriend neither is she my fiance
one tin i ve been expectin from any of dos guys
in inside dat club was someone to come and tell
me dat am dancing wit his girl or to call her
(Oyi) away bt none
she also didn’t make mention if someone is or ll
be waitin for her
i forgot to ask since, did u come wit ur
boyfriend or any friend?” i ask
am here alon, i just came here to make myself
happy again” she said
the ‘making herself happy again’ makes me
want to ve a chat wit her
i invited her to join us on our table which she
i want to knw her more

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