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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 36

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i went to tope’s house
i meet him wit a lady in the livinroom havin nice
time i tink
Tope has been my friend from our UI days, we
club and do runs girl together den
what! who bi dis? chuckseeyyy” he said wen i
he rush me and huge me tit
oh boy u just 4get me like dat”he said while
releasin me
buddy, i no 4get u o, na job o”i said while while
lookin for where to sit
see as ur face dey shine, mehhn u don had
weight o”he said
TP abeg leave dat one and introduce dis ur
mama(pointin to d girl) to me na
he introduce me to d girl as his close friend
friends in crime” i tot
we chat abt our past
i tink d girl also enjoy our chat cus she
sometime chip in
when it was getting dark, tope ask if i ll be goin
to club wit dem
i wanted to reject dat ideal bt i really want to
at least notin is disturbin for nw
my mum is ok and also its been long i club last
which of d club” i ask
either cuttins at bodija or d one inside D’Rovans
hotel at ring road”he replied
what abt cocoa-dom” i chip in
i went back home to tell my family dat i ll not
be spending d nite at home
my mum try to stop me but i decided to go
i put on a spear jean i brought along and a
yellow tea shirt
i went back to tope’s hus
i meet him watchin tv in livinroom, he was
wearin a black straight jean and a singlet
na u we dey wait 4 na”he said
na hold up jare” i lied
mary pls help me wit my shirt, check d said” he
scream for d girl to hear
mary came out wit a blue polo
she also look hot dan any other girl ve ever seen
in ibadan
we later head straight to dugbe alawo in tope’s
in no time we found ourselfs in cocoa hus
compound(d tallest building in oyo state) where
cocoa-dom is located
i no tope is capable of takin care of our bill but i
ve to show him dat i’m also ok
i calld him aside and squeez #10.000 into his
wetin be dis one na?” he ask
u don dey do since b4 i leave ibadan na, must u
continue? i ask
he lookd into my eyes den he smile
he hit me on my shoulder b4 he move forward
to get our tickets
we enter d club, d smoke in d air was not dat
thick yet
d heavy smokers ve not come” i guess
mary clinchd to her guy while i was busy lookin
at girls dancin to dj zee’s foka sibe
we order for mcdowell and red wine
mary settle wit d red wine while myself and
tope settle for mcdowell wit ice cube
i decidd to step on to d dance floor along wit
by nw d music has been changd to a Eddy’s
i was dere buggin it down wit mary wen
someone tap me frm behind and said nice
move sir
wen i look back i saw Oyi

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