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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 31

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Give ur mum(sister Nkechi)d phone i want to
speak wit her” i said
d line went off
i startd thinkin different tin
why can’t my sister call me and tell me?
is mama alive at all?
hw will she be feelin now?
are they hidin someth from me?
i could not fix my mind on any of thoes thought
of mine
so i quickly dress up to leave
meanwhile funmi ve try to knw what the call
was all about
i told her what the boy told me and she was
what will you do now?she ask while tryin to
stand on her feet
where is my car key? i asked while searching
myself for it
we both search for it but we could not find it
so we decided to search livingroom for it
immediately we enter livingroom,
we saw funmi’s maid walkin away in hurry
i noticed how funmi look at her like “so u ve
been watching us”
what i’m battling now is far worst than what
you people want to start” i said whithing me
i walk pass them to look for my key
i heard funmi calling d girl’s name but i didn’t
keep my mind there to knw what she want to
luckily for me i saw my key on the chair i sat
funmi, see you later” i said while leaving
she was trying to say someth either to me or to
the girl
i left her compound, heading to my house
wen i got to the road that lead to ibuso i park to
make calls
my sister’s(Nkechi) line was the first number i
how i expected her to sound was not how she
i was expecting her to sound according to what
her son told
but revers was the case
how is mama doin?
doin fine for nw my dear” she replied

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