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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 30

i ate her Kitty-Cat, i use my tongue to play wit d
she shook her butty sharply wen i deep my
tongue inside
i feel d way she use her tongue to open d tiny
road for spermm on my diick cap
i feel like i ll die if didn’t fucck rite away
befor i push her Kitty-Cat off my face, she came
it tast salty
i make her bend on dat bed
i first put d cap of my diick inside den remove
i did dat for three times befor i finally bury my
J0yst!ck in her wet and hot Kitty-Cat
she raise her hand once d diick enter her my hands found her waist as i enclosed on her
i thrusted slowly befor i increase d race
awuawuawuawu” i’m so sure she herself ll not
understand d meanin of what she just said
we remain in dat position for awhile befor we
she’s layin wit her side while i also lay behind in
d same manner
i help her in raisin one of her leg
d p**syy gave way den i slot in my diick
she brought her hand back and held my *ss tit
to hers
pls fucck it yea baby common Bleep hmmmn” i
remember she said so
i bang her hard until i notice i’m abt to come
befor i pull out
i make her to lay on her and i made myself d
engineer of d honey pot
she rest her two legs on my shoulder and i slot
in my stil hard diick
i bang and bang till she cry out
nooooo” she shout
she came while i was stil bangin
i place my hands on her breasst, squeez dem
i was surprise as she held my *ss very tit to
herself wen i told her i’m comin
i wanted to release else bt her refusin to go
made me to finally come into her
we both collaps on ourselfs wen i discharg
tank u baby” she tank me
after some rest i ask her why did she made me
to come into her
she turn around and look into my eyes den told
me dat she ll tell me once we are off bed
she start using my diick to brush her Kitty-Cat
until d rod stand again
i was sU-Ckin d b0s0m wen my phone rang
i pull off from her den reach for my phone
it was sister Nkechi’s call
i pickd it bt i was surprise wen i heard her son’s
voice cryin
uncle, dem sey grandma get stroke”he said
Give ur mum(sister Nkechi) d phone i want to
speak wit her” i said
d line went off
i started thinking different thing
why can’t my sister call me and tell me?
is mama alive at all?
hw will she be feelin now?
are they hiding someth from me?
i could not fix my mind on any of thoes thought
of mine
so i quickly dress up to leave
meanwhile funmi have try to knw what the call
was all about
i told her what the boy told me and she was
what will you do now?she ask while trying to
stand on her feet

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