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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 3

i never knew you are good i like this,,,, loveth said
to me after 4th rounds,,,,,,,,…..mmmmhhhmmh
was all i could do “my mouth is busy with her

i was about going for the 5th one when my phone
rang,,,, ,,,ho ho hohoho,,,,,… was what i said
before saying the caller “ho aunt” i said to
myself,, i’m in trouble she must have been
looking for me,, “i tot before picking the call”
morning boy, hope you enjoy your first night in
asaba,,,,[i did not answer] now go and dress up,
john[her driver] ll take you somewhere, pls dont
be late and dress corporate” she ended the
call,,,,,,, if you know how i enjoy the night, you ll
pity your house help,,,, i said to myself,,,,,when i
check time, it was 6.AM, AYE MI O”I SHOUTED
when living loveth room.

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i join other people at the reception to sit after
been attended to by a breath taking
receptionist,,,,,,, after some minutes the
receptionist call my name and ask me to follow
her,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i was ushered into an office office to
meet the MD for the jod which my aunt as oready
finish for me…..”oh my GOD i could not believe
my eyes when i saw who the MD is.

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who am i sein? chuks. you._in
my office? i cant believe my eyes.. funmi was
coming towards me with suprise on her face
when saying all dis.:__ all i could say in return
was /are you de MD i suppose to meet? yes i
am: she answer while we huged….i looked
round to see if the receptionist is stil there…bt
she wasnt(let me tell u abt funmi. she was my
school mate back in U.I also a friend to my
girlfried den: she is more beautiful and s*xy** dan
my aunt./ her shape is enough to win her miss
or mrs world) chuks i knw what u are here
for…/ she said while she is searchin on her table
for someth(de shape off her yansh took my
mind away frm what she is saying…. also
reminded me of one off our dirty talk back den
in school lab….._when she say..:/i wish i could
tast dis thin wey my friend dey enjoy……/with
her finger pointin at my peni) ___so are u set?
(dis question stops my thinking…_and without
me understanding what she meant. i answer)
yes yes…._ she looked at me and said__den
jekalo….she picked her bag from the table and
lead d way…..i cant ask her where to.. for me nt
to look silly…so i follow(may be na today./ i said
to myself wit smile.

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