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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 29

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dat was my first time a lady ll be using just two
fingers to work on my diick and d feelin was
more using d whole hand
sU-Ck me funmi, nw pls”i beged
she shook her head to indicate ‘no’
i close my eyes and allow her to do whatever
she want to do wit it
bt my body was really vibrating to her tinkling
d image of different p**syy and d style i ve use
took over my imagination wen i close my eyes
suddenly i feel warm over d cap of my diick
wen i open eyes i saw my J0yst!ck in funmi’s mouth
i don’t knw hw my eye roll to door side
bt i knw lookd there and dat was what reminds
me dat we are still in livinroom
funmi funmi stop
i try and lifted her head up
dis place is not save” i said while stil breathin
she gave me a kind of smile i can’t name
she stood and gave a helping hand to stand
we both stand and beging to kiss
she kissd me deeply, she held my head tit
one of my hand was busy on her breasst
squeezin dem roughly while she was pushin us
towards one of dos door
we found ourselfs in one of d room at downstair
she quickly pull off her tiny top
showin her full breasst for me to devour
it gives me d freedom i needed to explore dos
two charmin breasst
i pull out from d kiss and place my mouth on
one of d nip-ples
i sU-Ck d tip of d nip-ple slowly
i notice she feel each time i sU-Ck d tip of d nip-
i decided to work on d nip-ples
movin from breasst to another
i put my hand inbetween her laps
i rub dem befor takin my hand up
my hand quickly notice d toto cus no pant
fingerin was one of my favourite back den in
i first play wit d two lips befor insertin my senter
she give space for my finger to enter
her two hands are nw on my head
rubbin it roughly
i double d finger, fingerin d p**syy very fast
her voice is inbetween m0an and cry
she take one of her hand down to my trouser
i ve forgotten dat my diick has not been park in
back,so it was so easy for her to grap it
dis is beyond normality cus we ve beginnin to
behave funny wit our sexuality
we pushed ourselfs down to d family bed
she removed her skirt while i also took off my
trouser, boxer and suit bt i refuse to remove my
tie and shirt
dat has been my style since my school days
i ve never fucck girl or lady in her house and be
completely nak-ed
she wanted to complain bt d passion in her over
shadow dat
she came on me
she put her p**syy on nw face while she coverd
my wit her mouth
it was my girlfriend in UI(funmi’s close friend)
dat did dis style for me last
we both sU-Ck ourselfs hot

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