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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 26

i made her to rest her head on my chest
pls tell me what d problem is”i said softly
she look up into my eyes
chucks, i love u, i love u so must” she said while
dropin another tears
i felt my heart stop beatin for dat moment
am i hearin her rite?

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my hand stil remain on her shoulder
baby do u realise what u just said nw?i ask
she shifted her head away from my chest
chucks,i knw i’m not upto ur type bt i’m diyin
silently, my feelin is killin, am deeply in love wit
u” she said slowly
i move close to her and place my slip on her
i use my hand to push head forward
she responded to my kiss
we started wit slowl before we made it hot
i started caressin her body
she help me to remove my shirt and held me tit
while we kiss
i quickly remove her spaghetti top, i was arouse
wit d way her breasst stood firm
i caressed d breasst wit passionn
i put one of dem in my mouth
i sU-Ck dem one after d other
hmmmn i love u love baby”
i heard her sayin dat,
she pushed me back to where i lay before
she help me in removin my boxer
she came on me and started kissin me all over
she lower her head to my chest and sU-Ck my
i cant explain d electric dat went tru my brain
wen she sU-Ck my nip-ples
she went down to my waist and play wit my
i felt heaven wen she inserted my diick in her
this feelin is beyond any explanation
she sU-Cked my diick faster dan what i expected
is like she knw i was abt coming cus d way she
remove her mouth away
she pull off her bumper short and re join me on
i turn her round and stay on top her
i started lickin both her lips and jaw
i went down to her neck, to navel befor i finaly
settle for her breasst
i sU-Ck so tey my mouth start to dey pain me
i parted legs to view d p**syy wella
i put my senter finger and fingerd her
i love d way she responded to my manipulation
i remove d finger and slowly replace it wit my
i love d tast of d juice in dis juice pot
i don’t want to waste time in sU-Ck cus my diick
is beginnin to over react nw
i allowd d diick also to have d taste of what d
mouth ve tasted
i inserted my diick in her wet p**syy and she
m0an silently
i started fucckin her
toto can make u 4get ur dream o
my hands were busy squeezin her breasst while
my diick was also busy fucckin
i’m diyin oo, fucck me chu chu
she suddenly turnd me round and sat on my
she put my hand on her breasst to squeez
she close her, throw her head back and ride me
like a real cowgirl
i felt her juice wen she came bt she continue till
i come

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