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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 25

i approach her sit and settled on d one closer to
her by d left
of cus i love music bt not dis lyrics-less music u
people are producing nw”she answerd me
i told her abt d call i received from from my
mum and hw bad i believe d sickness is
she promised to call dem later
i want us to have dinner together so we chat
i ve been sittin here for you to come out”she
she stood and head straight to d dinnin
i no no sey food don ready o”he said, while i
make my way to join her
why u go knw” she said jokingly
during d meal we discused alot
includin my mum’s health
she really advice me on hw to deal wit women
she told me dat i am at d stage where ladys ll
like to be my priority if care is not takin
i was meant to understand dat female generally
likes a smooth and clean place to lay they
smooth and clean place?

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i didn’t understand dat bt i pretended i did
she told me dat i can make mistake in every
other tin bt not in marriage
i could not understand why she’s tellin all dis,
bt thou i didn’t complain
we chat and chat even after meal till she retired
to bed
i stay behind to watch some other programme
before i enterd my room
i was already on bed abt to sleep wen i
remember loveth
i checkd time and its 10:00 pm on dot
i picked up my phone and dial her number
it rang twice before she pick
hmmm tank God” she said
why dat”i askd
i tot ve u forgotten abt me” she said
anyway, i’m in my room, come”i order
what! what’s wrong wit u?

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why did u tell her to come? d good part of my
mind asked
na d best time to enjoy d tin u miss dis morning
o” d naughty side of my mind encouraged me
i told d peson knockin on my door to come in
d door opend and loveth came in
oh my goodness, is dis loveth or an angel?

she look more beautiful dan ever
actualy i wasn’t sure if dis beauty is real or d
S#xual feelins in me is makin me to see her in a
different shape
i stil try to compose myself not to show her my
good evenin”
hw are u love” i answerd
i notice she smile wen i called her love
d bumper short and d spaghetti top she’s
puttin on gives me d best view i needed to
trigger d anger of my diick
so what is it u wanna discuse wit me
she walk towards me and sat on bed wit me
i stil remain where i was,(layin on bed)
she stared at me without sayin anyth, before i
knw what is goin on, tears start dropin from her
i stood from my bed wen i saw dat,
what could dis be
is she really pregnant?

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or my lord pls help me
my heart start to beat very fast
i enclosed my hand round her shoulder

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