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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 24

she wanted to come and join me bt i told her
am not in company’s cafeteria
she wanted to knw where i am bt i didn’t tell
her also she was angry for me not replyin her
she promise to come my house in d evening, i
didn’t tell her not to
she ll finish me on phone if i should tell her i
wont be around
i finishd my meal after funmi’s call and settled
on a chair at d rite side of d livingroom
calld john (aunty’s driver) to help me buy
he returnd wit it and i loaded it
i call sister nkechi’s phone
she didn’t wast time befor pickin
sister Nkechi is my elder sister, there are two
ppl in between her and myself
A soft hearted lady married to a bad man(none
delta man)
i beggd her to tell me d real situation of mama’s
she let me knw dat is someth they can handle
handle? why dem dey exclude me na or is it
b’cos i’m not financialy buoyant, bt i need to be
carried along na” my mind was disturbed
she must ve understand my worries
chucks, we knw u just get job, dat is y we no
wan disturbe”she said
i was speechless for some some seconds b4 i
was able to say someth
she said they ll be takin mama to hospital for
test d followin day
thou she didn’t sound as if d case was seriouse
bt i felt it
i told her to update me on any development
befors we finally ended d call
dis woman must enjoy d fruit of her labour o” i
said to myself
i was surprise to hear someone sayin amen to
my prayer
i look back and saw loveth standin behind me
hope all is well wit her?she askd
she look so concern, i saw it on her face
she ll be fine” i said
wen ll u be free? there’s someth i ll like to
discuse wit” she said
i look at her if i can figure it out, i couldn’t
i kept quiet for awhile
hope u are not having problem wit aunty?” i
finally askd
she smile
dis girl look more beautiful whenever she smile
pls try to find time for me”she beg
is she pregnant?
is she having problem wit aunty?

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i remain clueless on what she ve in mind and i
want to km it
i decided to spend my nite here
lets talk in evenin” i promise her
I was in d bathroom wen i heard my phone
that must be funmi” i tot
it rang upto to 4times before i finish barthing
i checkd d missed call, it was funmi
i was stil wit d phone wen a text message came
the new text message reminded me dat i stil ve
unread message from funmi
i open d new message and it read
Gud day chucks, honestly speakin am not
happy wit ur behaviour today, u should ve told
me u ll not be at home, not happy wit dis.

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Am i doin d rite tin, hope am not not goin too
far” i tot
i need someone to advice me”i said to myself
i opend d first message i receive from her earlier
it reads
baby where are u?

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pls pick my call na
i checkd d time on my phone, it was 7:51pm
is she stil waitin 4 me at my place?

what is d motive for comin to my place late?

she must ve plan for been at my place at dis
late hour
i just can figure anyth out
i dropd my phone to wear my boxer and a
round neck shirt
i went to d livinroom and met my aunt watchin
primetime africa
so u like music also” i said

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