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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 22

u come out na”she repeated
i was openin d door wen i notice dat my dicck
as not be pack back into his hus (boxer)
i packed it back, zipe up my trouser and
adjusted my suit
i stepd out of d toilet wit a great fear in me
she lookd at me lustfuly,
only God knw wetin dey her mind, i tot
i wanted to tell her hw courageous she was to
put dos lies together in a short time bt d fear in
me could not
i walk pass her and head straight to d door
are u goin?” she ask
i turned back and said, “later”
and i left
throughout of my stayin in office dat day, i try
as much as i can, not to see or speak wit funmi
thou she also try to put some call tru bt i
ignored dem all.

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wen i got back to my office, oyi(secretary) also
did her “notice me” stuff bt my day has already
been interrupted so i wasn’t freak wit her style
i try to re-settle in my office bt i couldn’t,
D best tin 4 me nw is to go home and relax” i
Oyibo ppl self don talk am”bad day” no get
i packed my laptop, other tins and close 4 d
my normal plan was to drive home and relax bt
i later changed my mind cus i knw i ll be lonly
at home,
where else can i go dis morning”? i ask myself
while drivin
i decided to go my aunt’s place, at least loveth
and john might be around to keep me company
d tot of loveth force a childish smile on my face
i knw she ll be happy to see me, i remember d
day i cought her on bed wit dat muntula
well,i can’t blame d girl, conji dey catch girls too
i horn wen i got to d front of d gate,
d gatekeeper came out to check b4 opening,
Oga, u ‘dor, nnu’a (its u, welcome)”he greeted
me wit delta ibo language, my aunt once told
me she’s from ibuso, d town in-between ogwash
uku and asaba
“daalu wenem” (tanks my brother) i replied
he went back and opend d gate
i drove in and park beside my aunt favourite car
‘ford escape’
she dey hus?” i askd myself
bia biko(come pls) i calld d gatekeeper and he
aunty onor ha?( is aunty around) i ask
kitaa kor basha( she just came in)
dalu” & i went in
I went in and met her in d livingroom, feel relax
on d chair she’s sittin,
she was surprise for seein me at dat time
baby what happene? are u ok?” she ask
i feel like tellin her to stop callin me ‘baby’, i
hate ppl (not like my girls o) to call me baby
aunty, i’m ok o, i just had a bad day in office” i
replied while settlin to a chair opposite her
ve u eatin?

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i just don’t knw y dis woman is so caring like
dis, hw i wish i can meet a lady like her to
abeg wey loveth make she con give me food o
she is comin, can u tell me what happene pls?
she ask again
shuo, y dis aunt con dey pet me like small pikin
aunty if i wake i go yan u” i said
dis woman can kill person wit question o
i left her dere and went to my formal room
i pull off my suit, tie and shirt b4 i scarter on
my bed
I felt someone tap me on my lap
“u ve been sleepin since, d food is gettin cold o”
i heard loveth voice
i opend my eyes and saw her standing very
close to my bed,
wit my sleepin eyes i was able to see her s*xy**

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