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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 20

she drag me into her toilet
u mean dere is nothing like meetin? i ask
yes” she said
i wanted to say someth b4 she interrupted
pls fucck me nw” she beg
i saw it in her eyes dat she urgently need s*x
she turn round and back me, she bent and
supported herself wit d water-closet
fucck me pls”she beg again
wit no time wasted, i shifted her pant wit center
finger, unzipe my trouser and brought my rod
as i inserted my rod in, we both heard her
husband’s voice from her office
jesus! dat is chairman, she said
funmi’s husband is d chairman of d company
funmi quickly face me and she use d second
finger of her right hand to cross her lips, tellin
me to be “silent” wit d sign
i heard chairman’s footsteps comin towards d
my mind started beatin very fast
so dis is hw i’m goin to end d job dat took me
years to get,
what ll i tell my aunt, ll my mum be happy if
she should hear abt dis?

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or is dere a cause workin again my progres, is
dis a set up,
my mind was occupied wit different tot, my
dicck became shring
funmi must ve notice hw worried i am, bt i
don’t care any longer, i knw d type of hardship i
was comin out from and i’m too scare to go
back to it
bt i notice someth in funmi, she was not
worried like myself,
who is dat pls?” she ask
i was so shock to hear dat, dis girl don set me
up,… bt i no do u bad na chai, i said in my

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