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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 17

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dis is too early for dis man” another voice in me
said to me
i decided to follow my heart and do what i tink
is right
“excuse me” i said and she quickly turnd back
as if she was waitin for it
“i sir? she ask
i noded to to say yes, she move closer, waitin
for me to say someth
“pls can u help me check if dere is tissue in d
someth just hit me to remind me dat she’s my
secretary, not a cleaner, i shouldn’t ve send her
dat, bt is like she also wanted to do someth dat
ll make her stay long in my office
“sir, can u pls come and check if dis ll be ok” i
heard her voice from my office toilet
“yes, dis is my time” i said to myself silently
i shifted my chair back, stood and head straight
to d toilet, i was abt openin d door wen my
office line rang
i remain where i was, tinkin on what to do, to
go ahead or turn back to pick d call,
i was relieved wen d ringin stop so i decided to
go on wit my move, i ve place my hand on d
door handle wen d phone start ringing again
“hooooo na who be dis intruder na” i said
sluggishly i went back and pick up d phone
“hello baby, hw was ur nite?”
funmi’s voice ask from d other end
“my nite was ok and urs? i replied
“anyway i ll join u nw in ur office to discuse on d
file i sent u yesterday” she said
“em em ok no, no problem” i replied
i should ve told her to wait for me in her office,
not to come here” i thought
i turn round to see if i can stil do some ‘short
time’ wit dat as-s in my toilet
lo and behold, i saw my secretary standin b4
me wit her three front shirt button lose
God, dis is undiluted temptation, hope dis ll not
land me in trouble o” i told myself silently
i don’t knw what she is stairin at bt wen i look
at d direction of where she look, i saw her
watching d s*x firm i was watching
“what a poo, so i didn’t stop dis tin” i said dis in
mind while i press d stop button on my laptop
“hmmmn dis is nice sir” she said while smile
am beginnin to feel like fucckin nw
“em em, u u i mean what do want nw” i knew i
was sayin rubbish
she move closer to me and.

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