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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 16

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“Gud mornin sir” d security man at d entrance
of d company’s reception greeted me, i wave to
him to reply his greetin while i walked pass him
to d reception,
It was as if everybdy were waitin for me to
enter, d greetin was too much,
Good mornin sir” were just comin from different
“wow, na me ppl d stand to greet like dis? post
gud o” i said in my mind
I could not wait to reply dos greetins so i just
said a simple “gud mornin” & walk tru dem
my office is d last office at d left side of d
second buildin
i walk majestically towards my office, my ever
pretty secretary is lookin more beautiful dis
mornin, i notice a unique smile on her face wen
she saw me comin
Gud mornin sir, and hw was ur nite sir?” she
said wen i approach her desk
Truely i don’t like it wen girls/ladys ask hw was
my nite, do they want me to tell dem hw i
spend my nite or what
“I can see d mornin is really gud,hw are u?”i ask
“i’m fine sir” she said while stil smilin
i stop at front of her desk and said “u smile
i enter my office
i settled easily on my chair, i look round d
document on my desk to knw where to start d
day job from,
Tank God i didn’t ve much to do dan to sign
sign and sign some document
I brought out my laptop from its bag and place
it on my desk
My door opend and my secretary cat-walk in, i
knew dere is someth behind dat cat-walk, bt i’m
stil studying her
“excuse me sir”
“yes, any problem?” i ask
“i just want to knw what u want sir, coffe or
liston sir”
“hmmmn i ll call u wen i’m ready”
“ok sir” she said
i finish doin what i had to do in no time b4 i
turn to my laptop, i could not remember d film i
was watchin b4, bt i knw i was watchin someth,
i did one or two thing on net b4 i continue wit d
film on my laptop
“wow, so na dis tin i dey watchb4? mehhn
i continued d s*x film i was watchin
i was so hard nw, watchin a black guy givin a
white lady seriouse noddin,d girl was m0anin
badly,shakin her head in pleasure
“excuse me sir” i heard d voice of my secretary
tryin to get my atention
i look up & i saw
my JT quickly hit my trouser wen i saw my
secretary in my office,
“i thought u call me sir” she lied
i know i didn’t call her, bt what is she upto, dis
is temptation o
“calld u? i can’t remember i call u”
“i’m sorry sir” she turn and walk towards d door
i thought for awhile either to call her back or
bt if i should call her back what ll i tell her
“are u a fool? what is ur bathroom meant for, u
can do a 5min game dere” d voice whithin me
was tellin me all dis
i started feelin uncomfortable on my chair

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