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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 14

“I love ur bedsheet, so beautiful” funmi said as i
lead her into my bedroom
she ve insisted of seein my bedroom b4 he she
ll go, she rush and spread herself on d bed like
a new wife waitin for her hubby to come and
explore her hot Vgin
I lookd at d wall-clock hung above my bed,
19:11 hrs
“Funmi i tink its gettin late” i said,
Actually i didn’t want her to go bt i’m beginning
to put her husband into consideration, i be man
too na
without turnin from d bed, she said “are u
sendin me away?”
her voice is abite ash dis time, i was surprise to
hear her speak in such mannar
“hw could u say such a tin” wont ur hu…..”
“i knw u want me to go bt at least can i make
use of ur bathroom first” she interrupted
she stood from d bed to show hw seriouse she
i said nothing,i just directed her to my private
bathroom wit my hand, i watch her as she
remove her skirt and d sleeveless inner wear
she is wearin, remain only her white pant and
was is dis girl upto, is she temptin me, is she
really married?
or is she planning to leave her husband?
dis are d tin dat is coming to my mind, i move
to sit on d bed
“help me wit ur tower pls” she said
she didn’t wait for me to show her or give her
what she requested for b4 she walk into d
i was stil tinkin of what to do next wen i hear
her voice from d bathroom
“chucks d tower pls”
“ok i’m coming” i.replied
i picked it and head to d bathroom, i am nw at
d door, to open na problem o, my heart is
beatin very fast
i knw i ve had both oral and real s*x wit her bt i
ve never seen her complete nakeedness, hw ll
she feel in i should enter nw,
“d tower pls na” dis time she shout
i opened d door slowly, and behold i saw an
angel standin b4 me, completely nakeed
everyth on my head or heart just disappear
I knew i saw myself in d bathroom wit her bt i
can’t really say hw i lifted myself into dat
my body quickly reacted to what my eyes saw
two round and firm breasst, real figure 8 shape
d nip-ples are seriously hard nw, my second
head bellow is beginning to respond to d
challenge at hand.

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i don’t knw what makes her smile bt she she
i was expectin her to kiss me or tell me to kiss
her, bt i was wrong
funmi just went down on her kneel, drag down
d short am wearing to my toes and she did
what i ve never tot she could do,
she held my diick, rub it slowly,
my head is nw fill wit what i could explain, my
body is tinkling, i can feel d blood rushing up to
my brain

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