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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 13

“em em duro na, iwo ati tani ewa nle?(who is at
home wit u)i askd her
“emi nikan ni (i’m alon)” she answerd
i lookd round to make sure nobody is listenin to
“mummy ati alhaji nko?(what abt ur parents)”
wan lor si paati(they both went for a party), se
ebi tin payi ni? (are u hungry nw) she ask
“wo fi ti ohunje le na, wa na, wa” i told her to
follow me
without any argument, she did
We are in my room, standin shoulder to
shoulder, she was stil expectin me to say, give
or do what makes me to invite her in
“Kemi, mo love e, be ni mo like e pelu, se wa

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i was dere tellin her and promisin her what i
knw i wouldn’t ve said if i’m wit my right brain
By nw my hand ve beginning to find its way on
her body, from her lips to her neck, my hand
was moving down to her breasst wen she said
“Bu-other(brother) chuce, ema tin touce(touch)
I heard her sayin so bt i was not able to stop
myself, my hand is already on her breasst
she was stil fully dress wit a blouse and raper,
bt i manage to sq££ze dos breasst

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Without her resistin my touch or showin any
sign of unwelcome, she said in a low voice “e
fimile na”
Wit d kind of go ahead smile she gave, my
priick send me a message like “wont u lose me
and let me do my job, u motherfuucker”
I don’t want to wast any time for her not to
change her mind, i speedily remove her raper
Oh my gosh, i could not believe dat kemi is not
wearin any pant
well, dat ll make it more easier for me to
lapopoye on time
I pushed her to my only bed,
I quickly removed both my trouser and boxer at
once, i divided her legs to see d red sea clearly
wow, i brought my rod closer, to strike d sea,
I can hear d isrealite in my prokos, beging my
moses rod to slash d red sea
“wow, u are truely a strong guy indeed”
D voice of funmi brought me back to presence
“i like dis (pointin to my laps) hmmmn” she said
It was wen i look down, i notice dat my standin
ovation JT was d tin she was pointin at
“Ye.. dis “apola” don erect again o

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